21 All-natural DIY Beauty Products You'll Love ...


To me there’s nothing better than DIY beauty products, especially when they’re all natural!2

I love making my own beauty products and treatments because they’re fun, cheap, good for you and good for the earth.

Try out some of these all-natural beauty products and treatments the next time you’re spending the night in with girlfriends or just want some rainy day primping activities!

1. Dry Shampoo

Cut back on water and unnecessary toxins with this simple DIY beauty product!

There are two ways to make a dry shampoo, the first being the easiest is to use cornstarch or finely ground oatmeal and work it into your scalp and brush.

And the second way:


5 oz of coarse-ground cornmeal or couscous

30 drops of your favorite essential oil

20 drops of castor oil


Mix it all together, apply pinches of the mix on your scalp, massage and brush out!

Nail Strengthener
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