Beach Beauty: How to Look Good when You Emerge from the Ocean ...


You spent the winter sculpting your body to look sizzling hot in your bikini. You look fabulous and Instagram-worthy as you lie seductively on the sand soaking up the rays. Then you go for a cooling dip in the ocean or the hotel pool and wham bam, glam is gone. You want to look like Halle Berry when she emerges from the ocean in that orange bikini! Here’s how to be a beach goddess when you come out of the water.

1. Use a Waterproof Mascara

There’s nothing worse that coming out of the water after a refreshing dip, only to be left with smudged black panda eyes. Invest in a quality waterproof mascara that will stay on even after a good soak in the pool or sea. You don’t always have to go for your usual black shade either; treat yourself to a fun, bright colour for the summer.

Bring Your Makeup Bag!
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