Girls Who Want Beautiful Skin Need to See the Benefits of Rose Water ...

By Lauren

Girls Who Want Beautiful Skin Need to See the Benefits of Rose Water ...

Middle Eastern and Indian women have known for centuries something that Western women are being slow to catch on to. What’s this wonderful thing we should all know about? It’s the power of rose water! For anyone who prefers natural beauty care, rose water really should be in your arsenal. I’m sure you want to know why?

1 You Can Use It to Remove Your Makeup

hair, black hair, clothing, person, woman, Mix rose water with argan oil to make an effective makeup remover. It is powerful enough to whisk away the harshest of waterproof eye makeup. The upside: it's extremely gentle on your skin and never irritates or burns your eyes.

2 Rose Water is Great to Tone Your Skin

hair, black hair, hairstyle, clothing, face, One of many ways to use rose water is as a toner. You may already have it as an ingredient in your creams and lotions, and that’s mainly because it clears bacterial infections. As it reduces inflammation and soothes irritated skin, it benefits rosacea- and acne- prone skin as well. Dampen a cotton pad with a few drops of rose water and apply it to your face after your cleansing routine to get great results.

3 Ditch the Dull Tresses with a Rose Water Rinse

eyebrow, face, hair, black hair, nose, One of the best ways to add rose water into your beauty regimen is to use it as a hair rinse. Simply use it after shampooing as a final rinse to bring life back to your dry, dull hair. Rose water conditions your strands and makes your dry hair look shiny. Not only will it make your hair look great, it will leave a gorgeous scent in your locks as well.

4 You Can Use It to Freshen up Your Makeup

hair, black hair, clothing, person, photography, Your makeup doesn't last beyond the lunchtime and this annoys you like anything. Don't worry; rosewater will be your savior. Get a travel-size spray bottle and fill it with rosewater. Spritz on your face when you notice your makeup has become dull and cake-y. Not only will it revive your makeup in minutes, it will leave a lovely new glow on your face. Try it!

5 Rose Water Has a Lovely Delicate Scent

hair, face, person, black hair, girl, You can use rose water as homemade perfume. It’s light and fresh and delicately floral. Who doesn’t love the smell of roses?

6 Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes with Rose Water on Cotton Pads

eyebrow, face, nose, cheek, eyelash, Rose water is a lovely natural treatment for puffy eyes and dark circles. Simply apply a few cotton pads soaked in rosewater on your eyes for about five. It also works amazingly well to reduce the signs of fatigue and stress you often feel after sitting for long hours in front TV or computer screens.

7 Apply after Shaving to Reduce Irritation

hair, human hair color, face, pink, hairstyle, If even the most careful of shave sessions leave you with painful irritation, start using rose water. Thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, it has the power to calm almost all red, irritated skin conditions. Apply some rose water to your skin right after shaving to have soft, smooth skin with no irritation.

8 Relax in a Rose Water Bath

leisure, swimming pool, bathtub, room, photo shoot, Just like having a calming effect on your skin, rose water can have the same effect on your brain; encouraging self-love and easing anxiety. Add a cup of rose water to a bath to revel in the scent and enjoy the benefits. Not only will you feel relaxed, you will smell delicious for hours.

9 A Recipe for Sweet Dreams

clothing, dress, green, wedding dress, gown, Spritz on sheets between washes or mist the sheets with rose water before going to bed to have a good night's sleep. And also, spritz rose water to create a sexy, romantic, and environment before getting down and dirty with your SO.

I should mention that it is so easy to make your own rose water if you don’t want to buy it. Just look online for instructions (there’s tons!).

Do you think it’s time to check out how amazing rose water is?

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I absolutely love rose water & it's so versatile!


Its a great moitrurizer .

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Rose water is amazing! I use it everyday! Can't live without it!

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