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7 Morning Beauty Habits That Will Make You More Beautiful ...

By Eliza

I know how rushed mornings can be, but there are some habits you should be including in your routine. They are proven ways to help you look and feel your best, no matter what’s on the agenda for the day. The good news is that once you get into the habit, these things are easy and fast to get done and you can reap the rewards all day long. Starting tomorrow, include these beauty habits for the best looking you possible.

Table of contents:

  1. Eat protein for breakfast in the form of eggs or yogurt
  2. You know you should be wearing sunscreen, right?
  3. Start wearing an antioxidant serum as part of your skincare routine
  4. Move your workout to the morning instead of after work
  5. Have a glass of water while you get ready to go
  6. Mist your face with chilled water first thing
  7. Have a boost of caffeine from green tea instead of coffee

1 Eat Protein for Breakfast in the Form of Eggs or Yogurt

Research shows that ladies who dine on a protein-packed breakfast made better choices later in the day. Not only does this help keep your weight down, but it also translates into healthier glowing skin. More research shows that eggs are one of the best choices you can make when it comes to protein. Greek yogurt is another great choice.

2 You Know You Should Be Wearing Sunscreen, Right?

It goes without saying that you should wear SPF every single day. It protects your skin from the signs of aging and prevents skin cancer. Not only should you apply it before you apply your make-up, but you should also reapply every couple of hours, especially if you plan to spend the time outdoors.

3 Start Wearing an Antioxidant Serum as Part of Your Skincare Routine

This little tidbit of advice is one you’ll thank me for as you get older. You might not notice the results instantly, but you will definitely notice them as time goes by. Antioxidants fight free radical damage, which alters your skin and can lead to cancer, lines, wrinkles and age spots. Simply apply it every morning and you’ll retain your youthful beauty in the years to come.

4 Move Your Workout to the Morning Instead of after Work

Exercise boosts circulation, controls weight and fights health issues, all of which translate to a gorgeous body and healthy skin. If you tend to skip it because you’re just too tired at the end of the day, move your session to the morning hours instead. You’ll start the day with a healthy glow and you’ll have the evening free to relax.

5 Have a Glass of Water While You Get Ready to Go

Dehydration occurs when you go several hours without water. When you sleep for the recommended 7 to 9 hours (you do, right?), you wind up going without for quite a while. Starting your day with a glass of water instantly hydrates your body, which makes your skin firm and toned as well as reducing crankiness. Sounds easy enough, right?

6 Mist Your Face with Chilled Water First Thing

If you wake up with puffy circles under your eyes or just overall dullness on your face, a simple spray bottle with water can be a lifesaver. Keep it in the fridge because the chilly temp helps combat puffiness and wakes up your face so you look healthier and fresher from the get go. As a bonus – if you have trouble waking up, this will certainly do the trick.

7 Have a Boost of Caffeine from Green Tea Instead of Coffee

I’m a morning tea drinker, but if you aren’t this might take a bit of getting used to. Caffeine is actually beneficial to your skin because it perks it up. However, green tea is a very concentrated source of antioxidants, which helps slow cell damage and leave you looking young all the time. If you must have coffee, drink it after you down the green tea.

Who knew mornings could make you so beautiful? Which of these ideas are you going to try tomorrow?

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