5 Totally 💯 Bomb 💣 Beauty Hacks 💋 for Less than $10 💸 ...


If you're like me, you want to save money without giving up your beauty routine. That's why you need these beauty hacks that cost less than $10.

My taste in beauty products can get pretty pricey, or so my husband says. So, to pinch a few pennies, I rounded up a few beauty hacks that won't break the bank. Most of these are made with things you already have at home or cost less than $10. Oh, and they actually work! Your wallet (or husband) will thank you! So, here are the best beauty hacks that cost less than $10.

1. Use a Silicone Oven Mitt Dupe to Clean Your Brushes

I've noticed that most of my favorite beauty Youtubers advise using the Sigma silicone mitt for cleaning your makeup brushes. While these are so useful, they aren't exactly cheap either. Pick up a silicone oven mitt from the dollar store that is just as effective and save over $30! That's one of my favorite beauty hacks that cost less than $10.

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