Double the Trouble - How You Should Deal with a Double Chin ...


It might be how your natural jaw line falls, or it might be due to weight gain or the loss of skin elasticity as you age.

However it arises, it’s rare that a double chin is seen as an attractive feature.

There are various ways to deal with a double chin but remember, the efficacy of these methods depends on how pronounced the double chin is and how far you want to go to disguise or remove it.

1. Use Makeup Cleverly to Disguise and Lessen the Effect

Using foundations and concealers to create optical illusion contouring is a great way to deal with a double chin.

Softening in some places and emphasizing others can do wonders for encouraging the eye to look elsewhere.

Dramatic mascara and eyeliner can also draw attention away from your chin and neck.

Practice Your Posture to Improve the Look
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