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Hate Your Ears? 7 Tricks That'll Make Your Feel More Confident ...

By Holly

There's nothing wrong with your ears, no matter how big or small they are. While we should all learn to love them, along with the rest of our bodies, sometimes we're just more comfortable hiding the things we consider "flaws." If that's the case for you, then here are a few ways to deal with your ears that'll make you feel more confident until you're ready to show your natural beauty off to the world:

1 Grow out Your Hair

The easiest way to hide your ears is by growing out your hair to cover them. Once you have long enough locks, there are plenty of different hairdos you can wear that'll distract everyone from your "flaw." You can wear loose pigtails that'll cover them on both sides, or you could wear your hair straight down without styling it.

2 The Bigger Your Earrings, the Smaller Your Ears Appear

It's time to accessorize! The bigger your earrings are, the smaller your ears will look. So now is the time to experiment with those large hoop earrings you weren't sure if you could ever pull off. Earrings are easy to remove, so if you ever feel silly wearing them, it only takes a second to pop them out and replace them.

3 Use Accessories, Such as a Scarf

If you have a cute hat that you love, you can wear it in a way that'll cover part of your ears. You could also wear a bandana or a scarf across your head, which will hide your ears completely. Sunglasses work like a charm, too!

4 Add Volume to Your Hair

The more volume your hair has, the easier it'll be for you to hide your ears. Even if you allow them to be visible, the height in your hair will distract everyone from the size of your ears (which they probably weren't looking at anyway).

5 Grow out Your Bangs

If you grow out your bangs, then you can wear them down, even when the rest of your hair is up. You don't have to worry about wearing a tight ponytail that would expose your ears, because your side bangs will still hang down and obstruct them from everyone's view.

6 Distract the Eye with a Bold Shirt or Layers

Both layers and curls will make your ears appear smaller. They'll distract everyone from your ears, because they'll be too busy looking at your gorgeous hairdo. So if you want to draw attention elsewhere, pay special attention to how you wear your hair and even your outfit. If you're wearing a bold shirt, everyone's focus will be drawn down there, not up to your face.

7 Learn to Love What You Look like

At the end of the day, you need to learn to love everything about yourself, even your "flaws." While it's perfectly normal to be self-conscious about pieces of your appearance, you can't run from yourself forever. It's okay to use these tips when you're feeling bad about yourself, but they're only temporary fixes until you can learn to love the way you look!

No matter what body part you're embarrassed about, there's always a way to make you feel better about yourself. Are you self-conscious about your ears, or do you love them just the way they are?

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