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We all have qualities that we love about ourselves. Instead of ignoring them to focus on the bad things, we should pay more attention to the good things. Accentuating your sexiest qualities can make you feel more confident than you have in years, which is why you should follow these tips to put your best self forward:

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Figure out What Those Qualities Are

You can't accentuate your sexiest qualities unless you know what they are. Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself which body part you're the most proud of. You should also think back to all the compliments you've gotten in the past. What do people comment on the most? Is it your sparkling eyes, your long legs, or your perky chest?


Focus on One Area at Once

If you want to draw attention to your beautiful smile, you can apply some bold lipstick. Just don’t create an elaborate smokey eye with daring colors if you want your lips to be the main focus of your face. Stick to one area at a time. No one's eyes will be drawn toward that smile of yours if there's too much going on on your face at once. They won't know where to look.


Get a Haircut That Accentuates It

The way that your hair is styled and your eyebrows are plucked can make you look like an entirely different person. If you want your eyes to be the highlight of your face, avoid rocking overgrown bangs that cover them up. If you're not sure how to style your hair to accentuate your best qualities, there are plenty of websites like for you to visit. Of course, you could always ask your hair stylist for advice when you arrive at the salon. That's what they're paid for.


Use Clothing to Accentuate It

If you want to draw attention to your hips, wear high waisted shorts or pants. If you want the focus to be on your feet, wear peep toe shoes that show off your polish. Spend as long as you need to in the dressing room, until you find a signature item of clothing that will accentuate your favorite body part.


Use Makeup to Accentuate It

If your favorite body part is on your face, you can use makeup to enhance it. Contouring can bring out your cheekbones. A swipe of mascara can draw attention to your lashes. A bit of lipstick can have all eyes on your mouth. Your makeup bag doesn't have to be filled with products. The important thing is that you have a product meant for accentuating your favorite facial feature.


Use Your Posture to Accentuate It

If you're proud of your breasts or your booty, you should sit up straight, so that they look their best. A pair of heels could even help you along. Likewise, if you're proud of your smile, then you should actually smile. If clothing or makeup doesn't draw anyone's attention to your sexiest quality, then you can make them look with the right posture.


Have Confidence

It doesn't matter what you look like, as long as you have confidence. If you believe that you look sexy, then everyone else will start to believe it as well. Beauty's all in your head.

It's time you show the world just how gorgeous you are. What do you think is your sexiest quality?

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My best features are my soulful hazel eyes, clear skin, symmetrical face and athletic, long legs.

My best features are my REALLY blue eyes and long legs... Other than that I'm a bit of a fail tbh

I'd say my legs and my eyes. I've gotten tons of compliments on my high cheekbones too.

my sexiest features are my smile, legs, back , eyebrows naturally and lip size and shape

My looks and my strutting. I walk a lot so now I strutting hahaha. Walking also gives you confidence.

My fave feature r my eyes and the beauty mark on left eye.

I think my best feature are my legs,or my eyelashes.Both my legs and eyelashes are long

like that i have big boobs too

I think my best feature is that none of them are stereotyped as "beautiful", but they look edgy and exotic all put together. I have big eyebrows, an angled face, half brown/half green eyes (weird I know haha), and a roman nose with a septum ring. I live in a town full of people of Finnish and Swedish descent so I really stand out because they are all very short and fair. I ended up getting noticed by a photographer and developing a modeling stint off of what used to be my biggest insecurity: looking so damn different.

love this

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