7 Easy Ways to Accentuate Your Best Features ...


Do you want to know how to accentuate best features, from eyes to lips to cheekbones? It's actually quite easy, as long as you know the proper tricks – and that's why I'm here! There are dozens of reasons you might be interested in accentuating your best features, but it all comes down to looking your best. Do you have full, lush lips to which you want to draw attention? Maybe you want to make sure your eyes really pop. Maybe it's your hair, the curve of your neck, or even your ears! It goes without saying that you are beautiful inside and out, but everyone has a physical trait they want to bring out, so check out these tips for bringing out your best features!

1. The Right Makeup

Learning how to accentuate best features means learning how to apply makeup properly. If you have amazing cheekbones, focus not just on blush, but also on contouring, shading, and blending. With lush lips, learn about which colors work best for you, as well as figuring out whether you need a matte or shiny lipstick, a gloss, or lip liner. For eyes, make the most of the right eye shadow shades, mascara, and eyeliner. If your skin is your best feature, you may not even need any makeup, or very little, and you'll have to be careful about what kind of foundation you wear.

Awesome Jewelry
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