Guess Which Beauty Products Work Best when Applied with Your Fingers ...


Many beauty products (I’m talking to you eyeshadow and blush) come with an applicator. That doesn’t mean you have to use it though. In many instances, using your fingers allows for a much more even application and lets you get the product only where you want it. Even if you’ve always grabbed the accompanying applicator, or used a cotton ball or pad, you are going to love what using your fingers will do for you. Here are some products that you can easily apply with your hands. Fun!

1. Eyeshadow


Surprised? There is absolutely no reason why you have to use those itty bitty applicators that come with your favorite colors. They’re such a pain, aren’t they? I usually throw mine away. Instead swipe the shadow exactly where you want it by using your middle finger. You can control the amount you swipe on and you won’t ever have to worry about getting wrong.

Cream Blush
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