How-to Guide πŸ“™ for Getting Your Eyebrows Perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸΌAF ...


The journey to having the perfect πŸ‘Œ eyebrows has been a long one πŸ˜“.

Whenever I look at the evolution of my brow game, I always mentally cringe at how far I've come.

From being overgrown to the point of almost reaching unibrow status to overplucking galore, my eyebrows have been through a lot.

When I was younger, taming my brows pretty much involved using a razor and hoping for the best πŸ™ˆ.3

I've always been a fan of a fuller brow but never understood what went into achieving it or even how to compliment my natural arch.

Implementing any of these tips in your brow routine will bring you this much closer to having Insta-worthy brows.

1. Outline Your Desired Brow Shape *first* ☝️

Drawing an outline before you start is a surefire way to get perfectly even and symmetrical eyebrows every single time.

It also makes it a lot easier for you to go in and tweeze any unwanted hairs outside of the line.

2. Map out Where Your Brows Naturally Start/stop πŸ€” and Go from There

The secret to good πŸ‘ brows is following your natural shape and using that intel to frame πŸ”² your face.

Want to make your eyes πŸ‘€ pop and look further apart?

Adjust where your brows start by filling them in closer to your temples.

3. But Be Careful Not to Space Them out Too Far

This is also where the previous brow trick comes in.2

Whether you naturally have close-set or wide-set eyes, you don't want them to look πŸ‘€ *too* far apart.

How far you space them can drastically change how your face looks.

Rule of thumb: Match the inside point of your brow with the outer part of your nose.

4. Do Tweeze Them Often πŸ‘

Despite the popularity of threading and waxing your brows, tweezing is often a more effective (and hygienic) route.

One of the biggest perks of picking up your tweezers is that it makes your brows look natural and is spot on when it comes to shaping.

That is, if it's done correctly.

To avoid your brows growing in coarser, tweeze in the direction ↙️ that the hair is growing in.

Urgent: before You Start Trimming, Brush Upwards πŸ™
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