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7 Real Beauty Tips for Women by Men ...

We read about beauty tips for women by women all the time but what about men? Think there are any men who are bold enough to give us some beauty tips? Well, there are actually a handful of men who think they know enough about what looks good to give us a few pointers! This should be entertaining, right? Check out these beauty tips by men and see what they really think about our makeup!

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1. Keep Lips Simple

One of the beauty tips for women by men is to avoid bold, painted lips and keep things simple. I guess men like to kiss lips that are subtle yet sexy and aren’t really big fans of really red lips. I know men’s preferences vary greatly but I thought men were all about bright and sexy lips! I guess it all comes down to what your guy likes but they’d like us to know that intense lips can be a little too much for them and they really don’t want to wear bright lips or sticky gloss.

2. Scent is More Important than Style

This next beauty tip by men has more to do with hair than beauty. Some men like curly hair, some like long hair and some like it straight but they all love hair that smells good. This tip kinda makes sense; I can recall going out with friends and I’d come across men making really obvious attempts to smell my hair when I hardly even knew them! I’m sure this applies to all men so whether you’re single and looking or attached, look for fragranced hair care.

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3. Keep It Short

Men’s beauty tip for women also includes keeping your nails short and simple. I love nail trends as much as the next girl and while I admire 3D nail art and pointy talons, men find really long and loud nails intimidating and unnatural. If you can manage your personal care without any issues and you like it, there should be no reason to change for anyone!

4. Subtle is Sexy

Big surprise here, this next beauty tip by men suggests that ladies keep their makeup subtle. This has been a subject of long debate since men always say they like understated makeup yet are really attracted to women who really pile it on! I’m speculating that most men just don’t like really obvious makeup like telltale lines or mismatched makeup and accentuating your natural beauty looks best.

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5. Natural is Best

Makeup tips from men also include keeping this as natural as possible. Whether it’s nails, hair, makeup, as a whole, men don’t like anything that looks obviously fake. Top pet beauty peeves indicated by men where super fake tans, overly bleached teeth and big, fake lashes. There’s obviously nothing wrong with a spray tan, teeth whitening or false lashes, just be sure they make you look good and not like someone else!

6. Don’t Stop Smoking

Keep rocking that smoky eye because guys love it and it’s another one of the makeup tips from men they’d like you to keep in mind when you do your makeup. This is one of the makeup tips that I can deal with! I’m no pro at doing the smoky eye but I love the way they look and it was good to hear that men also appreciated all the hard work women go through to achieve this sexy look!

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7. Be Confident

Beauty tips for women by men indicate that being confident and not always putting yourself down is a must! More than any beauty tip or mishap, men were more concerned with the fact that you were confident in yourself and not always obsessing on what you thought were your negatives. Even if we know that we’re beautiful, we tend to nitpick and obsess on the smallest things which men hate. Honestly, who cares if men hate it, what’s important is that you know and truly believe that you are special and beautiful!

These beauty tips for women by men were actually not that bad and they were all doable! Men don’t always know what they want and know what looks good but it seems that they all agree that staying true to your natural beauty and being self-assured is most important. What did you think of these beauty tips? Do you agree with; these beauty tips by men?

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