7 Real Beauty Tips for Women by Men ...


We read about beauty tips for women by women all the time but what about men?

Think there are any men who are bold enough to give us some beauty tips?

Well, there are actually a handful of men who think they know enough about what looks good to give us a few pointers!

This should be entertaining, right?

Check out these beauty tips by men and see what they really think about our makeup!

1. Keep Lips Simple

One of the beauty tips for women by men is to avoid bold, painted lips and keep things simple.

I guess men like to kiss lips that are subtle yet sexy and aren’t really big fans of really red lips.

I know men’s preferences vary greatly but I thought men were all about bright and sexy lips!

I guess it all comes down to what your guy likes but they’d like us to know that intense lips can be a little too much for them and they really don’t want to wear bright lips or sticky gloss.

Scent is More Important than Style
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