40 Reasons 📝 You're Beautiful 😍 Just the Way You Are 👌 ...


Every day, we have millions of pictures thrown in our faces of “perfect-looking” girls. There’s the slick eyebrows, clear skin, long and voluminous eyelashes, beach waves, and so many more things that go into making someone look what popular opinion considers “flawless.” You might feel like you don't measure up, but you need to know that there are lots of reasons you're beautiful just the way you are.

So let’s all do ourselves a huge favor and just take a step back for a moment. I want you to get out a mirror and, for once in your life, not say anything negative.

Now put it away. Go ahead. You won’t be needing a glass reflection to look at your beauty, your true beauty, your unique beauty.

I want you to smile, beautiful girl! Because you’re about to discover the top 40 reasons to feel absolutely gorgeous just the way God made you.

1. No One is You

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Now, that’s a cliché line, but it's absolutely one of the top reasons you're beautiful just the way you are. Think about this- When you were born, there was a 1 in 400 TRILLION chance of your conception making you exactly who you are. Let that sink in for a second before you hit “next.” One in four hundred trillion.

Your Talents
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