7 Sexy Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorials ...


If you’re looking for some sweet and sassy makeup ideas, take a look at these Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials! Maybe you need some ideas on makeup looks, need some product recommendations or just need some help on how to achieve a specific eye makeup look. These Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials can be a huge help to make your Valentine’s Day the most memorable yet! Don’t worry if you don’t have a date! You can get gussied up for a night out with your friends, family or yourself!

1. Sweet & Sultry Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial


Let’s start off this list of Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials with SMLx0’s sweet and sultry makeup look! This makeup tutorial will take you through the entire eye makeup and lip product process to recreate her sexy eye makeup, blush and super sweet pink lip look! If you want dark, dramatic eyes with a pop of color on the lips, definitely check this video out!

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial
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