Simple Tattoos ๐Ÿ’‰ for Girls Who Don't โŒ Want Anything Too Intense ๐ŸŽจ ...


Getting inked is a big decision and maybe you don't want something huge and elaborate.

A small, simple design is perfect and with so many choices out there, you are sure to find something that fits your personality.

If you need some inspiration, I think these photos will give you just that.

You're sure to be ready for your trip to the tattoo parlor after seeing these simple tattoos.

1. Tiny Love

finger, leg, tattoo, arm, skin,

Source: So quite simple - Tattoo

2. Map of the World

finger, leg, nail, pattern, arm,

Source: Because We Were Infinite

3. Flock of Birds

blue, tattoo, finger, nail, arm,

Source: Flying-tattoo Tumblr

4. Skull and Crossbones

color, face, eyebrow, cheek, nose,

Source: The Skull Tattoos for Beginners

5. Simple Shoulder Flower

close up, skin, arm, tattoo, leg,

Source: Download Free Wallpaper Backgrounds

6. Rings for Your Fingers

finger, nail, ring, pattern, hand,

Source: simple ink Tumblr

7. Butterfly Hand Tattoo

tattoo, butterfly, arm, insect, moths and butterflies,

Source: Butterfly Tattoos For Women

8. Adorable Little Elephant

tattoo, nose, arm, skin, leg,

Source: Cool Tattoo Innovation Will Save

9. A Meaningful Symbol

leg, arm, thigh, finger, hand,

Source: 24 Tattoos So Tiny Even

10. Enjoy the Silence

tattoo, arm, skin, hand, human body,

Source: script tattoo Tumblr

11. Hope

tattoo, arm, finger, leg, skin,

Source: Gallery For > Simple Diabetic

12. Kitty

tattoo, arm, close up, skin, leg,

Source: black line tattoo Tumblr

13. Wanderlust

leg, arm, footwear, pattern, hand,

Source: 66 Simple Female Wrist Tattoos

14. Hidden Anchor

Hidden Anchor

Source: Cute Anchor Tattoo

15. Tiny Little Bow

bracelet, jewellery, finger, fashion accessory, arm,

Source: 25 Simple Tattoos For Girls

16. Follow Your Heart

Ballet, face, eyebrow, handwriting, arm,

Source: Foot Tattoo Ideas Tattoos Images2

17. Something Colorful

tattoo, leg, close up, arm, skin,

Source: Crazy Tattoo Designs Ideas For

18. Simple Stars

clothing, thigh, finger, tattoo, leg,

Source: 7 Best Places To Get

19. Cool Feather

tattoo, arm, leg, hand, human body,

Source: Tattoo Ideas for Girls, Simple

20. Moon Tattoo

leg, arm, tattoo, skin, organ,

Source: women tattoos Archives - Tattoo

21. Love Fearlessly

finger, tattoo, leg, nail, arm,

Source: 100's of Cute Girly Tattoo

Which one is your favorite?

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