Fairy Tattoos That Girly Girls Will Get a Kick out of ...

By Eliza

Fairy Tattoos That Girly Girls Will Get a Kick out of ...

Fairies are so much, don't you think? Ok, they might not really exist, but it's fun to imagine. If you want a fairy of your very own, how about getting one tattooed? There are tons of really cool options that should get you just what you've always wanted. Check it out!

1 Fairy with Long Hair

Source: Fairy Tattoo Gallery

2 Full Back Tattoo

Source: 10 Enchanting Fairy Tattoos

3 Double Fairy

Source: Feminine Fairy Tattoo On Back

4 Floating Fairy

Source: 29 Enthusiastic Fairy Tattoo Designs

5 Glorious Purple Wings

Source: Fairy Tattoos

6 Across Your Shoulders

Source: 40 Adorable Fairy Tattoo Designs

7 Fairy with Flowers

Source: Fairies Tattoos, Designs And Ideas

8 Black and White Fairy

Source: Fairy Tattoos - Best Friend

9 Ballet Fairy

Source: Fairy Tattoos Designs, Ideas and

10 With a Unicorn

Source: 23 Dainty Fairy Tattoos For

11 Angel and Devil Fairies

Source: Fairies Tattoo Images & Designs

12 Believe

Source: 29 Enthusiastic Fairy Tattoo Designs

13 Something Simple

Source: small fairy tattoo - Design

14 Leg Tattoo

Source: gothic fairy tattoos tribal tattoo

15 Surrounded by Stars

Source: 20 Heartwarming Tattoos And Their

16 Fairy Dust

Source: Tribal fairy tattoos Best Tattoo

17 In the Garden

Source: Sexy Fairies Images

Which one do you love best? Where will you get it?

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