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17 Ankle Bracelet Tattoo Inspos for when You're Craving New Ink ...

By Holly

Do you love jewelry? If you do, you can think about getting some tattooed onto your skin. No, you probably don't want to get a necklace permanently tattooed onto your neck. However, there are plenty of women out there with adorable ankle bracelet tattoos. Here are a few of the cutest ones that'll give you inspiration for your own:

1 Yin and Yang Sign Anklet

You can either get two different tattoos of your own, with one on each ankle, or you could get a matching tattoo with your bestie. Either way, it'll look adorable.

2 Floral Anklet

Instead of making your tattoo look like a traditional bracelet with a chain, you can give it a floral touch by connecting flowers instead.

3 Bike Anklet

If there's a certain symbol that means a lot to you, you can get a "charm" of it to dangle from your bracelet.

4 Word Anklet

Instead of getting an imitation bracelet, you can get words wrapped around your ankle instead. It's a great way to show your love for someone.

5 Chain Anklet

Doesn't this look like an actually bracelet? It even falls in all of the right places!

6 Thick Anklet

This tattoo has a whole lot of detail. It's perfect for all of you girls who don't mind spending a while in a chair.

7 Feather Anklet

This is a sexy tattoo that you can show off whenever you wear heels. It'll get everyone's attention.

8 Rope Anklet

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You can try getting a tattoo that looks like a piece of rope is tied around your ankle. It's a unique style that you won't see many other people rocking.

9 Lock Anklet

This is an adorable way to adorn your ankle and foot. It'll give you a feminine touch.

10 Cross Anklet

If you're super religious, then you can get rosary beads tattooed onto you. That way, you'll be reminded of your church wherever you go.

11 Bird Anklet

This tattoo has both words and pictures! It's a great style for those of you who can't decide between the two different ideas.

12 Flower Anklet

Here's another floral tattoo that's as cute as can be. It's perfect for nature lovers.

13 Toe Connecting Anklet

Have you ever seen those trendy ankle bracelets that connect to the toe? That's what this tattoo was inspired by!

14 Anchor Anklet

If you want rope tattooed around your ankle, then you can have an anchor like this hanging down your foot.

15 Double Anklet

If one bracelet isn't enough for you, then you can get two overlapping each other! The more, the merrier.

16 Multiple Anklets

If two bracelets aren't even enough, then you can try a design like this. It looks about as realistic as a tattoo can get.

17 Colorful Anklet

You don't have to stick to getting a plain black tattoo. You can add color by turning the chain blue, like this.

These tattoos are beyond beautiful, which is why you should think about getting something similar. That way, you won't have to worry about buying anklets, because you'll always have one permanently attached to your skin. Would you ever consider getting an ankle bracelet tattoo of your own?

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