7 Switches to Make in Your Beauty Products for Fall ...


Have you given any thought to your beauty products for fall?

These are switches you might consider making in your fall beauty routine.

Our face and body need different products when the season turns to fall.

Hopefully, these ideas for beauty products for fall will be helpful to you.

1. Swap out Lotion for Body Butter

One of the switches you may want to make in your beauty products for fall is to swap out lotion for body butter.

Body butter has a creamier, thicker texture.

Lotion may be working good for you but if you’re still dealing with dry skin, you may want to try body butter.

If you don’t wear either, you might consider adding one of them to your beauty routine.

Not only do they make your skin soft, there are many lovely scent choices in lotion and body butter.

Change Foundation Formulas
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