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When it comes to beauty, Sephora is stepping up the game in a big way. This place is a veritable wonderland of all things cosmetics. If you’ve never been inside, prepare to be completely wowed. Sephora stores all over the place are literally overflowing with any and all make-up and related accessories that you could ever want or need. Chances are you’ll see stuff you never even knew existed. While the place is already great, Sephora is stepping up and meeting the continuously changing demands of their clientele.

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Opening New Stores

Sephora is constantly trying to keep up with the competition and has a goal of rising above department stores. That means opening new locations all the time and revamping how the store looks on a regular basis. By becoming the go to cosmetics source, Sephora is stepping up in a big way. So don’t be surprised to see new stores all around you as time goes on.


Unique Features

If you can only find a certain thing at one store, that’s probably the place you are going to go. Sephora works hard to attract customers by giving them a one of a kind experience that changes with the wants and needs of their customers. Certain locations hold Fragrance Flight Bars and some have a video game like console that gives you step by step directions for achieving certain looks.



Last year, Sephora worked to create a line of cosmetics with big name Marc Jacobs. The collection includes lip color, nail polish and eyeliners. The reason why it works is because customers are drawn to the name on the packaging. In this case, Marc Jacobs helps reel in many new faces in Sephora stores all over the place. And they aren’t stopping there. Collaborations are sure to happen consistently going forward.


Low Pressure

No one likes to go into a store and immediately become bombarded with staff asking if they need help or if they are looking for something specific. Sometimes we just want to browse, right? Sephora is the place to do it because their business model is built on low pressure salesmanship. Instead, you are given freedom to check things out the way you want to.


Growing Their Own Brand

Sephora has been around for a long time and they didn’t start out with the sheer numbers of products carrying the brand name. The company has built their product line over many decades and continues to add new and interesting products to it all the time. That means you can often find things you’ve never seen before. By constantly updating and refreshing their product line, Sephora ensures that people stay interested.


Digital Shopping

Sephora isn’t alone in offering its products for sale online, but they sure do a great job of it. You can browse the website instead of going to the mall and you can shop for your favorite items and have them delivered right to your door. In this day and age, any store will never keep up without a website. Much like in its stores, Sephora works hard to maintain, update and refresh its online shopping often so you keep coming back for more.


In Touch with Customers

The current Chief Marketing Officer of Sephora says that they are always, always on the lookout for new demands from their customers. And the company is willing to change and grow as the face of cosmetics changes. By realizing that make-up trends wax and wane and that people of all ages want different things, Sephora widens its customer base and pleases all of its patrons.

Do you shop at Sephora? I admit that it can be a little overwhelming to walk in and see all the stuff, but it’s fun. If you’ve never been, will you check it out now?

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I love that store! My kids hate when I go and if I'm missing in the mall, they know where to find me! Lol

Kinda impossible for me to pass by a sephora and not go in....my only complaint is that I wish they would carry cheaper brands too like ulta..

I absolutely LOVE Sephora! It's my fave place to get makeup besides MAC. And I'm a VIB rouge so I discounts all the time :)

Wish sephora would open a store in Ireland.

Im a new Sephora customer and I absolutely love it! I shop strictly online and Im amazed at how many difficult-to-find products are on one site! :-)

Love Sephora!

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