10 Things That Can Trick You 🃏 into Feeling Ugly 😭 ...


Unfortunately, way too many women hate what they see when they look in the mirror, and that shouldn't be the case. You're not ugly at all. However, it's normal to feel like you are. Here are a few things that can fool you into feeling ugly, even though you're absolutely beautiful:

1. Not Getting Any Likes on Your Selfies

Not Getting Any Likes on Your Selfies

Since it can take you a few minutes to strike the perfect pose and tilt your phone at the perfect angle, you'll expect to get dozens of likes after you post a picture on Instagram. When that doesn't happen, you can feel crushed. Of course, your friends might not have even seen the picture. During certain times of the day, you aren't going to get many likes, even if you look flawless.

Staring in the Mirror for Too Long
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