10 Tiny 👌🏼 Things You Can do 🙏🏼 to Make Yourself Seem 👀 More Attractive 😍 ...

You're a beautiful woman. You don't have to put on makeup and wear your best dress in order to look amazing, because you're naturally pretty. However, there are a few teeny tiny things you can do to boost your sex appeal if you're planning on going out on a date or running into your crush. Here are a few alterations that'll make you seem more attractive:

1. Take Clear Photos

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If you want to look flawless on Instagram, then your filters and camera angles can only do so much. The most important thing is for you to take a clear picture. If it's blurry or out of focus, then you're not going to look your best in the photograph, even though you're killing it in real life. So make sure you wipe off your camera lens and snap a photo while you're standing completely still, so you capture the best version of yourself.

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