10 Tiny Things You Can do to Make Yourself Seem More Attractive ...


10 Tiny Things You Can do to Make Yourself Seem More Attractive ...
10 Tiny Things You Can do to Make Yourself Seem More Attractive ...

You're a beautiful woman. You don't have to put on makeup and wear your best dress in order to look amazing, because you're naturally pretty. However, there are a few teeny tiny things you can do to boost your sex appeal if you're planning on going out on a date or running into your crush. Here are a few alterations that'll make you seem more attractive:

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Take Clear Photos

Take Clear Photos If you want to look flawless on Instagram, then your filters and camera angles can only do so much. The most important thing is for you to take a clear picture. If it's blurry or out of focus, then you're not going to look your best in the photograph, even though you're killing it in real life. So make sure you wipe off your camera lens and snap a photo while you're standing completely still, so you capture the best version of yourself.


Be Nice to Everyone You Meet

Be Nice to Everyone You Meet Personality matters a million times more than you think it does. Haven't you ever met a gorgeous girl who was so nasty that you stopped thinking of her as pretty? What about an average looking girl who ended up looking beautiful once you got to know her? Your personality changes the way people see you, so always be on your best behavior.


Being kind and approachable can enhance your allure exponentially. It all starts with a smile and a genuine compliment. Remember, kindness is the ultimate beauty secret – it's the glow that makeup can't imitate. When you're kind, people are naturally drawn to you; they'll remember your warmth long after your interaction. Whether it's holding the door open for a stranger or engaging in small talk with the cashier, these small acts of kindness can leave a lasting, beautiful impression. So, flash those pearly whites and let your inner beauty shine!


Practice Good Posture

Practice Good Posture It doesn't matter if you're wearing something that came straight off of the red carpet. If your shoulders are hunched and eyes are staring at the floor, you're not going to look your sexiest. You need to keep your shoulders back, head up, back straight, chest pushed out, and eyes straight ahead. If you practice good posture, then you'll end up looking even prettier than usual.



Smile It doesn't matter if you have resting bitch face or not. Either way, you're going to look a lot prettier if you're wearing a smile. Why? Because it brightens up your face and makes your eyes sparkle. Plus, it makes you look like you're a fun person to be around, because no one wants to date a girl who's always moping and never in a good mood.


Own a Dog

Own a Dog Everybody loves puppies. If you're seen out and about with a dog, you're going to look hotter than everyone else around you. Of course, some men will also think you look hotter with a book in your hand or with headphones in your ears. It all depends on what he's into. Each person has a different version of attractive.


Wear More Red

Wear More Red For some reason, men are attracted to the color red. So if you're trying to figure out what outfit to wear on a date, make sure you pick something that contains red. That way, he's going to think you're hot as fire.


Act like You’re Attractive

Act like You’re Attractive It doesn't matter if you cry whenever you look in the mirror. When you're out in public, you have to forget about all of your "flaws." Act like you're hot stuff. Fake it until you make it. Basically, let your confidence shine through.


Embrace that strut and own your allure. Let the world see the self-assured soul striding with purpose. Your head held high, shoulders back, flashing that infectious smile, cast the energy of someone who knows their worth. Remember, attraction isn't solely skin deep; it's the vibe you project that can turn heads. Ignite that inner sparkle and watch as others bask in your glow, mesmerized by your irresistible charm.


Practice Excellent Sleeping Patterns

wedding dress, clothing, person, bridal clothing, gown, By getting enough sleep each night, not only are you successfully eradicating the chance of getting bags under your eyes, but you're also more alert, strong, engaged and present - all of which are desirable traits.


Ensuring a solid night's rest, ideally 7-9 hours for the average adult, is vital for maintaining a radiant complexion and vibrant energy levels. Poor sleep can result in a sallow, tired appearance. So, create a soothing bedtime routine that may include dimming the lights, reading a book, or doing some light stretching. Avoiding screens before bedtime can also prevent sleep disruption. Remember, when you wake up feeling refreshed, it shows, giving you that effortless glow and sparkle in your eyes that's undeniably alluring.


It's All in the Body Language

pink, woman, clothing, bride, dress, When we think of someone who is attractive, we notice that they exude confidence with their body language. They've got an open and inviting face and are standing or sitting in such a way that they looks comfortable and natural. Possessing these things makes it easier for others to approach you.


Take Pleasure in Simple Things

photograph, clothing, image, human positions, sitting, When you talk about things that you love, you're instantly more attractive. Seeing passion in one's eyes is inspiring, heartwarming and exciting. In this way, you're exuding positive and happy energy.

You don't have to get plastic surgery or contour your face in order to look attractive. As long as you do these small things, you'll look better than ever! What other teeny tiny things have made you consider a person more attractive?

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This is one of my favorite posts of all time.

A dog is a living being, not an accessory!

I knew this list was going to be dumb, but this exceeded all expectations.

I agree with all of you that said to only own a dog if you can give it the love and attention it needs. You don't get a dog to look attractive!

I love this app oml

Some of the advice are good and some rubbish. Own a dog to make you look good?? An attractive person is someone who helps others, kind to all living creatures, genuine etc...


Own a dog? Really?

So true.... But what if it him thats making her sad?

Own a dog😂

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