9 Tattoos to Get if You Want to Boost and Keep Your Self Confidence ...

By Jennifer

9 Tattoos to Get if You Want to Boost and Keep Your Self Confidence ...

Occasionally, we all need a little reminder that we can do it, that everything's going to be okay, that we can overcome whatever obstacle is in our path, that we're beautiful and bright and capable and strong. A tattoo is a constant reminder, something we can see that will give us a boost when we need it most. Here are a few inspirational tattoos to give us hope, and courage, and strength, and more.

1 You Really do

leg, arm, leather, footwear, thigh, This is only a temporary tattoo, but I'd gladly have this permanently inked, to remind myself that I really can do anything.

2 Kindness

clothing, hair, arm, neck, skin, This isn't just about being kind to others. It's also about being kind to yourself, forgiving yourself, and accepting that you're not perfect, and never will be... and that's okay.

3 Courage

tattoo, hand, art, font, tattoo artist, For some reason, this hits me in the "Nevermore," all Edgar Allen Poe, stark and beautiful. I love the message.

4 Follow the Arrow

color, green, turquoise, aqua, finger, This pretty deco-inspired arrow is a reminder to follow your arrow, wherever it points, inspired by Kacey Musgraves.

5 Survive

finger, hand, nail, leg, tattoo, Even the word itself sounds bold, a testament to something you've done or are about to do. You can make it through; you can!

6 You

tattoo, font, art, arm, pattern, Sometimes the right decision isn't the easy one, and this tattoo can help keep you in line with what you know is moral and good, the best version of the person you are.

7 All the Difference

eyebrow, font, jewellery, arm, leg, I've never thought about it this way before, but good can come out of losing it for a while. There's something to be said for coming out of a battle with the scars from where you had to stitch yourself back together.

8 Three Little Birds

color, hand, finger, art, turquoise, I don't know if these little birds were inspired by the Bob Marley song or not, but it works, especially the chorus: don't worry about a thing, cos every little thing is gonna be alright.

9 The Distance

pink, tattoo, hand, font, finger, This is the tattoo I want to get, tiny, on the side of my right ring finger. It's not a boast; it's a reminder that if I can run 26 miles, I can do anything.

Do you have a tattoo that boosts your self-confidence? What does it say, or look like?

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You are the best version of you is a really nice reminder

I have the arrow tattoo😁❤️❤️❤️↖️ absolutely love it

I have a tattoo that says I am enough

Anyone else see the irony in survive on the same arm that is holding a cigarette?


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