8 Wonderful Little Known Beauty Tips from around the World ...


These 8 wonderful little known beauty tips from around the world will give you the inside scoop on what women around the world do to get gorgeous!

We all know that all women are beautiful, but some corners of the world have mastered certain beauty techniques that are worth emulating.2

Don’t worry, most of the items needed for these beauty tips from all over the world can be easily procured and easily made for a day of world beauty!

1. India

If you want long, luxurious locks minus the extensions, do as women in India do by using coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner.

Coconut oil is great for our insides as well as our skin and hair.

Take some coconut oil and massage on your scalp for the tips of your hair to strengthen it, increase its shine, and promote hair growth.

Coconut oil can be purchased at your local health food store for around $5.99.

2. Spain

Have a potato without worrying about carbs!

Women in Spain are known to use potato slices to erase dark circles and to lighten the skin around the eye area.

This international beauty tip is fast, easy, and cheap!

Next time you want to erase the signs of a hard night of partying, reach for a potato instead of concealer.

3. Australia

Australians love papaw ointment as a multi-purpose beauty aid.

This versatile ointment derived from the papaw tree in Australia is great for a plethora of skin issues such as sunburn, cuts, chafing, splinters, chapped lips, and excema.

Even supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely keeps her pout pretty with papaw ointment.

Get your hands on this global beauty wonder at amazon.com.

4. Dominican Republic

How about a simple remedy for lackluster locks courtesy of the gorgeous women of the Dominican Republic?

Simply take some club soda and use it as a rinse after your normal shampoo and conditioner routine.

Club soda is wonderful for getting rid of residue and smoothing out your hair.

After you're done, grab some wine and make a spritzer with the rest of your club soda!

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