8 Excellent in-Flight Beauty Tips ...


8 Excellent in-Flight Beauty Tips ...
8 Excellent in-Flight Beauty Tips ...

Whether you’re a frequent or infrequent flyer, here are some flight beauty tips you will want to consider while you’re on your trip to feel much more polished and beautiful upon landing and make the economy class feel more like first class! Don’t worry, you won’t have to haul an extra bag on the plane or do anything crazy! All of these in-flight beauty tips are easy and will make the time on the plane much more bearable!

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I know, you’ve heard this flight beauty tip a gazillion times already but I’d be amiss not to mention this important tip! Drink water throughout your flight to fight the dry air in the cabin not only for your skin’s sake but for your body as well. Coffee and diet sodas don’t count so stick with water or tea. If you’re an overachiever, bring along a packet of vitamin drink mix to mix with your water to avoid catching someone’s germs and give your immune system a boost.


Get Comfy

Another in-flight beauty tip to seriously consider is to bring along items that will help you forget that you’re on a cramped plane and rest. Grab a neck pillow, sleep mask, comfy socks, and oversized scarf to keep warm and help you drift off to sleep so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day at your new destination! If you have trouble falling asleep, try taking some melatonin or other sleep aid if you’re on a long flight. If you’re on a shorter flight, use the neck pillow and ear plugs to tune out the world.



Did you know that using hydrating sprays while flying is an often recommended flight beauty tip but the spray can actually evaporate along with your skin’s moisture?! Yikes, instead of spraying on the plane, opt for a super hydrating cream or mask or apply a sheet mask while you’re maxin’ and relaxin’ or spritz a hydrating spray prior to your flight. If you’re embarrassed of being seen with a full facial mask, apply a heavy moisturizer to dry areas on your face and use a hydrating mask post-flight. Don’t forget a thick lip balm to keep your kisser soft too!


Moisturize More

Remember those comfy socks I suggested you bring along as one of the flight beauty tips to be comfy? Well, break out those suckers but before you put them on, apply a thick moisturizer to your feet and treat your feet. If you have an extra pair of gloves, bring them along too and slather on some cream before wearing the gloves and arrive at your destination with super soft hands and feet! If you’re not too thrilled about wearing socks and gloves on the plane, skip them but still apply creams.


Hair Care

Another airplane beauty treatment you can do is to apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair and wrap it up in a scarf and wash out once you arrive to your hotel. If you have long hair or just don’t feel like walking around with conditioner in your hair, use a spray or cream leave-in conditioner that won’t be as sloppy and comb through your hair. Wrapping your hair in a scarf will also prevent indentations in your hair from the head rest also!


Get Moving

One of the frequently overlooked flight beauty tips that are often thought to be unrelated to beauty is to move around while you’re on the plane. Once you get the green light to move freely, stretch your limbs and get your blood flowing to avoid discolored veins, stiffness or in the worst case blood clots in veins from being stationary for an extended period of time called deep vein thrombosis. You can also bring along a tennis ball to roll around under your foot or do foot exercises in your seat in addition to taking short walks on the plane.


Get the Red out

Even if you’re literally on a red-eye flight, there’s no reason for it to show so tote redness relieving eye drops as a preventative measure and as one of your in-flight beauty tips. If you’re looking for a soothing airplane beauty treatment instead of a quick fix, try a gel eye mask-kind of like sleep masks but made with gel for your eyes and apply it either cold or warm to help decrease puffiness, stress and it’s been known to relieve headaches as well!


Nourish Nails

You have lots of down time on your flight so if you tend to forget to care for your nails, use this time for another flight beauty tip! Use a cuticle pen to apply nourishing oils to your cuticles and massage it in for an excellent airplane beauty treatment. Push back your cuticles and your nails will look cleaner and healthier from this simple step! Keep it up for hydrated and healthy nails and cuticles!

Do you have any flight beauty tips that you swear by? Using your time on the plane to beautify and pamper yourself is the best way to make the time go faster and arrive looking fresh and restored! I don’t think anyone likes being trapped in cramped quarters for hours but making that time more pleasurable is sure to help you get through it! Have you tried any of these in-flight beauty tips?

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