9 Simple Ways to Shake up Your Beauty Routine ...


9 Simple Ways to Shake up Your Beauty Routine ...
9 Simple Ways to Shake up Your Beauty Routine ...

Let’s face it. We’re set in our beauty routines. Every day, we style our hair the same way, wear our make-up the same way, care for our skin the same way… honey, it’s spring! It’s time to shake things up! Let’s try something new and different, welcome the new season with a new beauty routine. But how? I can help. Here are 9 simple (and fun) ways to shake up your beauty routine. Who’s with me?

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Let’s start with the good-for-you way to shake up your beauty routine. Skin cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths for women aged 20 to 29, and most of the time, this deadly skin cancer can be traced directly back to sun exposure. Shake up your beauty routine by adding a broad-spectrum SPF 30 every day! Not only will this dramatically reduce your risk of skin cancer, it will also give you glowing, gorgeous skin for life!


Boycott Your Blow-dryer

Heat from blow-dryers and flat irons can cause loads of damage to your hair, so for a few days a week, shake up your beauty routine and protect your tresses by boycotting your blow-dryer. Roll your hair in scrap of cloth, braid it back, and let it air dry, then take out the braid or cloth “rollers,” and enjoy your gorgeous wavy ‘do!


Try a New Color

Ever wonder what you’d look like with red hair, or with blue mascara? Why not give it a go? The goal of shaking up your beauty routine is to make a change, to do something different, so be bold! Try a new color, whether it’s a new color raincoat (bright yellow!), a new color eye make-up (bright blue!) or a new hair color (sultry redhead!).


Go Backwards

I tried this last week, and while it was a little disconcerting, it was actually a lot of fun! I did my entire beauty routine backwards… once I was done with my skin care regimen, I did my hair first, then my make-up, starting with my eyes, then my skin… I don’t know if I looked any different, but I did learn a few things and I did feel different!


Try Something New!

Is there a new product or beauty tool you’ve been dying to try? Go for it! If it’s in your budget, why not buy it and try it? You might love that new moisturizer, or that flat iron, or those feathery false lashes. Trying something new is a great way to shake up your beauty routine… change is what it’s all about, right?


Let Someone else Have a Go

Whenever I want to give my beauty routine a good shake, I ask a friend to have a go. She has free reign over my make-up and hair, and usually, she has a very good eye for which new trends will work for me, and which I ought to pass on. If you have a stylish, cutting-edge friend, ask her for a mini make-over.


Part Ways

This sounds simple, but it’s almost guaranteed to make people ask you what you’ve done differently. Part our hair differently! If you usually part it on the left, part it on the right, or in the middle. Seriously, try it! You’ll be surprised…


Set a Limit

I love doing this once in a while, because it really helps me trim out the parts of my beauty routine I just don’t need. If you usually take about half an hour to get ready in the morning, set a timer for 15 minutes and get gorgeous! See which steps or products you can skip, and which are must-do… it’s pretty revealing!


Go without!

Be bold, be brave… be naked? That’s right! Once in a while, to shake up your beauty routine, try going natural… of course, wear your skin care, but skip the make-up, or at least go minimalist. Play up your natural beauty… you might never go back to full make-up again!

Celebrate spring with a few of these tips, and let’s see what happens to your beauty routine! Which of these tips will you try first? Or do you have another tip for shaking up your beauty routine? Do tell… it’s time for a change, and I’m always excited to try new things!

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