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Everyday Beauty Hacks Using Green Tea ...

By Cassandra

If you've found yourself under a lot of stress lately, the idea of taking a quiet and relaxing day for yourself sounds pretty sweet. Not having the means to match the cost is where things get tricky. But there are actually a lot of kitchen products right in your home that you can use that can achieve the same affect as a luxury spa day. You just have to get a little creative. So what's the number one contender? Green tea! There are so many perks to adding green tea to your beauty routine. Here's how you can unleash your inner Martha Stewart on your skin.

Table of contents:

  1. Exfoliate your skin with a three-ingredient green tea sugar scrub
  2. Get rid of those pesky dark circles under your eyes
  3. This matcha green tea face mask is the bees knees
  4. A green tea scrub with a creative twist? count me in!
  5. Make your skin look and feel red carpet ready with this diy soap
  6. Kiss your bad breath away!
  7. Speaking of kisses, this green tea palm will leave your lips feeling silky smooth and fresh
  8. Skip the cocoa butter and whip up this green tea and coconut oil moisturizer instead

1 Exfoliate Your Skin with a Three-ingredient Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Source: Green tea sugar scrub

Green is the new black! Not only is this green tea sugar scrub amazing at reversing the effects of cellulite, it's also a great stress reliever. The main ingredients are green tea powder/leaves, sugar, and coconut oil. Could life get any easier?

2 Get Rid of Those Pesky Dark Circles under Your Eyes

Source: 8 Home Remedies For Under

There's nothing worse than having the evidence of your night out right on your face. Placing tea bags over your eyes will get rid of your tired look right away. The trick is to first soak them in hot water and then let them cool down before using them.

3 This Matcha Green Tea Face Mask is the Bees Knees

Source: Green tea. . . it's

Green tea extract is known for being an excellent source of antioxidants, which help protect your skin from redness, inflammation and wrinkles. My go-to facial mask is a blend of matcha green tea (which is basically ground tea leaves), aloe vera gel and organic coconut oil. You can also opt out of using both and just use either one.

4 A Green Tea Scrub with a Creative Twist? Count Me in!

Source: DIY Homemade Green Tea Exfoliator

Add a little olive oil and raw honey into the mix and they are guaranteed to change your life (and skin) forever! I would definitely suggest adding matcha to the mix as it has a higher concentration of the antioxidants found in green tea than the tea leaves.

5 Make Your Skin Look and Feel Red Carpet Ready with This DIY Soap

Source: DIY Tea Soap

I never understood the sheer power of a good blend until I stumbled on Bonnie of Thirsty for Tea's blog post on DIY soaps. It's interesting that the shape and texture of the tea leaves play a major part in how the soap will turn out.

6 Kiss Your Bad Breath Away!

Source: Iced Green Tea Latte

Before you go in for the smooch, drink a cup of green tea. It'll slowly eliminate the bacteria that grows on your teeth and will also help prevent future cavities. Now you're ready to seal it with a kiss!

7 Speaking of Kisses, This Green Tea Palm Will Leave Your Lips Feeling Silky Smooth and Fresh

Source: DIY Green Tea Lip Balm

Despite having to let it sit for a couple of hours, making this green tea lip palm actually turned out to be pretty fun! All you'll need is faith, trust and a little beeswax.

8 Skip the Cocoa Butter and Whip up This Green Tea and Coconut Oil Moisturizer Instead

Source: DIY Beauty: Whipped Green Tea

Lastly, add one more use of coconut oil to your list. One thing that I've always hated from store bought moisturizers is how oily they are. This sweet recipe eliminates that problem completely.

Are there any other DIY beauty tips that you're dying to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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