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So this past week I was in Disney World (don't be jealous), and I started to think about princesses and beauty, which got me to thinking about the 7 amazing beauty inspirations from Disney princesses. Did you know that Disney has an entire beauty line devoted to to their princesses? Well you do now! I highly recommend you read about the 7 amazing beauty inspirations from Disney princesses.

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Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa Frozen was a movie far more amazing than I expected it to be, and so I start the 7 amazing beauty inspirations from Disney princesses with it. And I LOVED that MULTIPLE times they stated that "you can't marry someone you just met." How many times do you see that in a Disney film? Never, that's right, never! I also loved Elsa's long braid, which was so ripped off the runway, that we can even say all the super models are copying her (or something like that)! But the best was how normal Anna looked, just like a real girl, complete with... FRECKLES! I was so excited. Even my mom was excited!



Aurora We can learn a lot from Sleeping Beauty. As a kid we may have thought sleeping for a very extended time on our backs was romantic (well, only if you were being awoken by a handsome prince), but we've learned something else as adults. It's good for you. Sleeping on your back prevents wrinkles. Sleeping in general helps you lose weight, as well as tightening and toning the skin. Now our only question is how her hair stays so blonde and smooth. Ah, Disney magic.



Cinderella So even though I've never seen a single bit of dust on that girl, being in the soot and ash isn't quite as bad for her as you'd think. Aww, and you felt bad for her. Ash in certain forms (ok, mostly volcanic) is excellent at drawing out dirt and toxins from your skin. It is especially amazing when you have oily skin. Coal also is extremely good for your skin, and tones all that redness. See? All this time she was at the spa (I kid, I kid).



Belle I think there is something to be said for Belle's inner beauty. She's absolutely beautiful (her looks have got no parallel), but she's so content with her reading that she couldn't care less. Now I know (I KNOW) you too feel a bit jealous of a girl so beautiful that she doesn't care what she looks like, but think about it. Maybe we should be taking notes from this. Maybe when we focus less on our looks, we become more beautiful. I have always believed a beautiful heart makes a person beautiful from the inside out. I am still jealous of her (I KNOW you still are too), but it's a perspective. Maybe she's also reading a lot of beauty books.



Ariel I know, kittens, I hate her for her perfect hair too. But the only thing I can offer you is a good sea salt texturizing spray. 1/4 cups Kosher Sea Salt for every two cups water and shake well. But also remember that this mermaid must be rubbing some sea kelp on her tresses because the salty ocean can be VERY drying on your hair. So you must always remember to rinse your hair clean and moisturize it after a long day pretending you're "flippin' your fins" and rescuing hunky princes from the briny deep. The more you know (tiny star flies by).



Jasmine We see her sitting at her beautiful little beauty table and wonder what she's rubbing all over her gorgeous skin and hair. Chances are it's argan oil. Argan oil is AMAZING (although a bit expensive). Not only does it hydrate and repair your hair, but it also makes it dry twice as fast (not that you need it in the desert). Plus it is chock full of great antioxidants to smooth out your skin and prevent wrinkles. No longer do you need a genie to do all your handiwork for you - you've got Jasmine's all natural argan oil! Or something like that.


Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell While not necessarily a princess, she is quite feisty and knows how to rock a top knot, not to mention totally in style bangs. I guess we can learn something from the pint-sized pixie that's always putting herself first (not that she can help it, fairies can only hold one emotion at a time). She knows what she wants and she's not afraid to go for it. Now I know there is a totally new Tinker Bell out there now, who is much more understanding and rational, but I like the original. She's the one who started it all, and I wouldn't be surprised if the fashion world didn't learn a thing or two from pulling your hair up and having attitude.

In conclusion, there are more than a few things from our favorite Disney princess that can give us awesome beauty inspiration. That may be why it's always been most little girls' dreams to grow up and be a princess. And kittens, while I believe all girls big and small are princesses, it's nice to have a little reminder - I think you're a strong, smart, beautiful, and amazing princess who can conquer the world. So what Disney princesses have beauty that inspires you, and who do you think I left out?

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me too love elsa & anna from frozen. for me frozen is the best animated movie so far..

interesting! ^_^

I agree with JessyBear258. Also, I love how you call your readers 'kittens'. Cute. :3

Pocahontas is another of my favorites.she definitely has the beauty inspiration of being natural and surrounding urself with nature,to energize u and to give u peace.a beautiful heart makes a pretty face!

Where is Tiana??? and last time I checked tinker bell was no princess

Good read! It was fun

Rapunzel !!!

Where is Rapunzel ?

It was nice

Loved it!! Just wish my favs Mulan and Tiana were included

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