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There are so many choices for beauty consumers online, and certainly no shortage of beauty shops on Etsy. It's the age of the artisan, and women are flocking to Etsy every day for their beauty needs. I've tried and tested countless products from Etsy beauty shops, and have made it easy for you by narrowing it down to the best! Here are 9 amazing beauty shops on Etsy to buy from today.

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Gail Hochberg's Etsy beauty shop is famous in the indie beauty community for high-performance all-natural concealers, but her St.Louis, Missouri based shop also features soaps, lip tints, foundations and more. My favorite is the all-natural Blemish Cover Up, which covers like a dream and comes in a super convenient little lip-balm style tube. Natural and affordable!


Willow Tree Minerals

Visually stunning product photography (they turn their powders into trees and flowers!) isn't the only thing this Thornton, Colorado handmade cosmetics shop has going for them. Thousands have attested to the beauty and elegance of Willow Tree Minerals' mascara, lip tints, liners and more. My favorite? Lip Shimmer in Pink Champagne. At just $5.66, this gorgeous, baby pink shade is pigmented and moisturizing. The highlight powders are worth picking up, too!


Borne Cosmetics

Founded by cancer survivor Jennifer Bishop, who was inspired to create change after realizing that her beauty routine was actually the most toxic part of her day, Borne Cosmetics features highly pigmented blushes, a selection of skincare products, mineral foundation and more. With main ingredients like crushed pearl and silk, this all-natural Phoenix, Arizona shop embodies luxury and clean ingredients. I adore the Mineral Blush in Shabby Chic Pink, the outstanding foundation, and the Skincare starter kits, which come with a cleanser, moisturizer and serum, for under $40. One of the best beauty shops on Etsy.


Batty's Bath

Batty (AKA Jamie) is the London, Ontario based owner of this one-stop botanical beauty shop. With everything from mineral foundations and delectable lip butters (Chocolate Mint! Brown Sugar! Chai Tea!) to artisan soaps and skincare, everything is handcrafted and lovingly prepared. I recommend the Brown Sugar lip butter and any one of the beautiful soaps.


Black Dove Botanicals

This high-end, all-natural skincare shop is owned by licenced Esthetician Estelle Donner. In what she calls her "magickal old farmhouse built in 1936" (in the Pacific Northwest), Estelle whips up whimsical, apothecary potions like Faerie Milk (shimmering face cream), Imortelle Golden Sun Drops (facial oil) and Star Nectar Massage oil, using wildcrafted ingredients. An inspired, enchanting little shop! Try the Faerie Milk and the Three Teas Organic Anti-Aging Eye Potion.


Brija Cosmetics

Brianna Jane is well-known as the natural beauty YouTube guru iluvjesse444, and her videos are always beautiful and informed. So it's no surprise that her own line of makeup, Brija Cosmetics, boasts an absolutely beautiful range of non-toxic cosmetics. This shop features fun, themed collections inspired by Disney Villains, Powerpuff Girls, and more. With pretty shadows, amazing lip tints, and a prolific owner with no shortage of ideas for gorgeous (and affordable) collections, this shop is not to be missed! My favorites are the Wide Eyed waterliner pencil (totally opens up and brighten the eyes!), Peyton lip tint (a stunning pinky-peach), and Sedusa, a chubby lip pencil in a stunning warm red.


Just Pure Minerals

Owner Jo is a firm believer in customer satisfaction, and that's why she offers such an amazing sample service. Her samples are crazy affordable, and surprisingly filled to the brim with plenty of product for several uses. My favourite things from this Boise, Idaho shop are the lipsticks and tinted lip balms. Minty, lasting and color-saturated, the range includes nudes, pinks, mauves and reds! The foundation is no slouch, either. My favorites are Ruby (the perfect red) and Aruba (pinky nude) lipstick and Barely Mambo tinted lip balm. Gorgeous!


Pure Fusion Cosmetics

Shop owner Chantelle Burgomaster (Terrace, B.C.) is the queen of eyeshadows! She prides herself on her long-lasting, non-toxic array of shadows. With more than 150 shades, Pure Fusion Cosmetics kills it in the eyeshadow department! Available in matte and shimmer, these shadows pack a powerful, vibrant punch. Pure Fusion Cosmetics also features blush, foundation and bronzers, and lipsticks are coming soon! This is one of my all-time favorite beauty shops on Etsy!


Glory Boon

Touted for its liquid foundation and delightfully yummy lip balms (Pistachio Gelato and Red Velvet make my mouth water!), this New York shop also features handmade lip gloss, skin and haircare, and bath products. All handmade, non-toxic and cruelty free! Try the liquid foundation and delectable lip balm.

With so many beauty shops on Etsy, there's bound to be something to suit your fancy. Or maybe you already have a favorite Etsy beauty shop, and if so, which is it, and why?

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Thank you for your positive comments, everyone!! Charlotte, I will definitely check that shop out!

Omg, thank you for this! I get so flustered with all the natural Etsy vendors I never know what to pick. I'm happy you narrowed a list for us readers. I have tried Black Dove Botanicals and do love their products, but I've had a bad experience with their customer service. I need to try Just Pure Minerals lipstick and the Borne Cosmetics foundation. Thank You for introducing me to so many awesome brands

Awesome post! Thank you!

I tried some homemade lip balms and shampoo bars from different Etsy artisans several years ago... Glad to see these women making their mark and providing natural, handmade beauty products!

@Stephanie, Would like to speak/write privately about submission of my body and bath products for your review. Thank you!

I agree Charlotte, it's so hard to find natural cosmetics past the body shop and natural collection on the high street. Thank you!

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