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Amazing Tips to Feel Beautiful at Home ...

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Many of us women are working from home and find it can be a challenge to remember we are beautiful right now. When zoom calls are your social interaction for the day it can be hard to find the motivation to dress up in anything beyond the bare minimum. We may wonder why bother putting in the effort if no one else is there to appreciate it? Loungy sweatpants are good enough now, right? Putting in the effort to be beautiful can feel like the classic if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

At the end of the day the answer is Yes, it is worth putting in the time and effort. The importance of making ourselves feel beautiful is that such actions positively impact all parts of our lives. We feel better about ourselves. We have more confidence. We are more successful at thinking creatively and problem-solving. At work and at home all women can gain from feeling beautiful and confident each and every day. While we are stuck at home, physical stores are closed, and we may feel a lack of opportunities to go above and beyond we need to remember there are many ways to bring something new into our lives.

For example, this is a great time for shopping as we move into the summer season. Consider what items would make you feel the best. There are amazing offerings for every body type and shape. Some online stores sell casual and formalwear, others specialize in trendy plus size clothing, while others focus on gender-neutral outfits. Remember it does not matter what an outfit is labeled or categorized as if it makes us feel our best selves. What makes each of us feel great will look completely different from what makes others feel great.

After we have picked up a few clothing and jewelry basics and supported a local retailer, we might take the next step and consider ways we can use what we have to create fun and joyous moments where we can shine. You could talk to your coworkers about you all wearing your organization's colors one day. You could talk to your friends about having a theme such as the roaring ‘20s during your next virtual happy hour. You might think back to school where you had spirit weeks where each day you wore something different. What would a spirit week look like for you today? You will find that these moments where we allow ourselves to express our creativity really can help lift our mood and make us feel better.

Finally while being thoughtful about what we put on each day impacts our outlook, beauty goes beyond what we wear. Our actions, thoughts also play a role in our wellbeing and can make us feel more beautiful and brave. This is the moment to self reflect on what brings us meaning and purpose and find ways to pivot towards those things which are important for us.

There are many ways to pivot towards wellbeing. You can self reflect on what brings you alive by journaling, meditating, or by talking to someone you trust. You can help your body feel its best by drinking water and taking vitamins. You can stay social by calling family or sending a card to your friends. You can stay physically active by doing yoga, dance fitness, or any other of the many online classes available to us. You can keep your mind sharp by taking online classes or doing puzzles or practicing a new skill. So what are you going to do today to help yourself feel beautiful and feel confident that you can handle whatever comes up on your path?

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