7 Rejuvenating Beauty Tricks ...


7 Rejuvenating Beauty Tricks ...
7 Rejuvenating Beauty Tricks ...

Beauty Tricks will help you look your best even when you don’t feel your best, they will help you hide all those small imperfections and glow like a true star! And don’t we women just love sharing all those amazing beauty tricks?! LOL! Well get ready because these 7 beauty tricks I have in my mind today will help you shine like a Hollywood star!

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Go Easy on Mascara

If you have dark circles, bags under your eyes or the so-called crow’s feet, the best thing to do would be to try to avoid makeup that will make this even more noticeable. So, in case you’ve started noticing the first signs of aging or you’re just tired, try using one of my favorite beauty tricks – accent your upper lashes and don’t put anything on your lower lashes. Use slightly shimmery, flesh tone eye shadow under your eyes to make them appear bigger and glowing and loosen up your hand when coating your upper lashes with mascara. Simple, huh? And wait until you see the results! I swear to you, this trick is priceless!


Style Your Bangs

In case the lines on your forehead are the main reason of your concern try introducing a very simple and yet, quite interesting hairstyle change – bangs! And don’t worry, you’re not the only one with these problems. In fact, my younger sister started getting her first forehead wrinkles in elementary school! You can’t fight your genes but you can look fabulous and since nicely styled bangs frame the face quite beautifully, I see no reasons not to give them a try today! Don’t be scared now, they will grow back very soon!


Ditch the Bronzer

When you’re exhausted, dehydrated and feel like every wrinkle on your face is clearly visible to anybody, bronzer is the worst thing you can do to yourself! In fact, one of my beauty tips for today would be to ditch it and opt for a subtle, natural blush. Bronzer will only make your dull, tired skin appear even worse and the overall result won’t be as good as you think.


Opt for Creamy Textures

Creamy blushes and foundations are easier to apply evenly, they will hydrate your skin and make it appear softer and more glowing, helping you look more rested than you actually are. They also provide better coverage, stay on your face much longer and, when applied correctly, could even smooth out your wrinkles! Cake or powder foundations and blushes, in the other hand, will make your poor face appear dry and shriveled and that is something you definitely don’t want.


Ditch Dark Lipsticks

I believe all women should allow themselves a luxury of owning (and occasionally rocking) a sexy, red lipstick! Unfortunately, this shade (or any other dark shade for that matter) isn’t a good choice in times when you’re tired or even worst, ill! Choose a neutral, luscious peachy or rosy shade and you’ll actually do your lips a favor creating that natural-looking volume and radiance they currently lack.


Change Your Hairstyle

Is there a better way to look younger and fresh than giving your hair a mini makeover? It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, but it just as well could be, if you want that, of course! Giving up that long hair you’ve been growing for years sure is hard, I’ll give you that, but instead of trading it for a short bob, consider layering it, getting those gorgeous sun-kissed streaks or even better – both! Now, we all know this is one of many beauty tricks Hollywood stars use to look younger so I’m asking you this – Why should they be the only ones taking advantage of this easy but shockingly effective trick?


One Apple a Day…

… keeps the doctor away and in case you wish you could say the same for those small but noticeable sighs of aging, I suggest you start taking better care of your teeth. Cleaning, whitening, this last one you can even try at home! Why? Well, did you notice most celebs (who are by the way well in their forties) all have these healthy-looking, pearly white teeth! Yes, this is another one of their beauty tricks and having a smile of a 20-year old apparently takes 10 years off! Need any more reasons to lose the yellowish granny-like smile?

Now, don’t be scared ladies – give these useful beauty tricks a shot and I bet you’ll love the results! But, let’s get back to that sharing I’ve mentioned above! Which beauty tricks you use to make yourself presentable even when you’re feeling like the only thing you’d like to do at the moment is crawl under a blanket and take a nap?

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