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By Jessica

Have you ever been curious about permanent makeup, the kind that gets "tattooed" on? It sounds really scary actually! But, when it comes to microblading, the concept of permanent makeup has totally changed. It's not scary at all and actually quite revolutionary in the beauty world! Keep reading for some quick and helpful facts about microblading! 👀 💁🏽💖

1 They Numb You First 💉

I don't know about you but even the the thought of a blade against my eyebrow enough to send me running! And, you might be thinking that any type of tattooing on your face would be painful and awful. However, with eyebrow microblading, the technician applies two different numbing agents to give you an *almost* pain-free experience!

2 It Mimics Natural Hair 💁🏽

With microblading, the process involves tiny, hair-like strokes that naturally fill in your brows. The end result looks like you have natural, thicker and more even brows! No harsh lines or drawn-on look at all. I think we would all like to avoid the "sharpie" look! 😳


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3 It's Technically Not a Tattoo 😎

While the process has similarities to tattooing, microblading is not an actual tattoo. It's semi permanent, it lasts for up to 3 years, and it's a tiny blade versus a needle. So if you ever want to change the shape of your brows after the microblading process, remember it only lasts for 3 years so you're not committing for life!

4 It's a Long Process 🕰

If you're thinking it's going to be a quick process for a microblading session, it definitely won't be. It takes a long time, over an hour, to first draw in the hair like marks with a removable pencil. Then the microblading process begins. Overall, it takes about 2 hours! So be skeptical of anyone offering to do it in less time.

5 There's Little Maintenance 🙌🏻

After the procedure is done, you're all set to go. The healing process is pretty quick, about a month's time, and requires a short touch-up at that time. But there is no maintenance like there would be with brow extensions! You can rub them, wash them, use brow products for a more dramatic look, etc.

6 It's Perfect for Anyone 👀

Microblading is perfect for those wanting to fill in sparse brows, create or exaggerate an arch, or simply create a natural, more defined brow. And the best part is, you wake up each morning with perfect brows!

7 The Cost 🤑

For one microblading session, it will cost you between $700-$800, depending on what you have done. This might seem like a steep price, and perhaps it is, but just keep in mind that it lasts for 3 years! It might just be worth it when you consider the benefits. 🤗

Just looking at before and after photos of the finished microblading process, is enough to make me want to get it! Have any of you lovely ladies gotten this procedure done and would care to share your experience?! 💖

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