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Super Important Info for Girls Who Want to Try Colored Contacts  ...

By Eliza

So you want to try colored contacts? I've been there myself. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to change the color of your eyes if you want to. However, before putting colored contacts into your eyes, there are some things you need to know first. Here they are!

1 You Can Use Them Even if You Don't Need Them

Most people get a contact lens prescription because they can't see without them. However, if you simply want to change the shade of your eyes, you can use colored contacts regardless of your vision. Colored contacts come in a range of prescription strengths, including 0, so just about anyone can give them a try. Talk to your eye doctor first.

2 You'll Still Need a Prescription

Even if you don't need contacts, you'll still need a prescription to get them. Eye doctors usually aren't allowed to sell contacts without one, so you'll need to book an appointment to have your vision tested first. Some people have a bad reaction to contacts and you need to find the brand that is best for your needs. It's against the law to obtain contacts without a prescription so don't be tempted.

3 They're Essentially the Same as Clear Ones

Colored contacts work the same as clear ones. The biggest difference is that they have tinting on them to change the color of your pupils when you wear them. If you're used to wearing regular contacts, you should have no trouble wearing the colored version. You should always talk to your doctor first though.

4 Don't Share Colored Contacts

You might share everything with your bestie, but your contacts should never be in anyone's eyes but your own. Sharing contacts can lead to painful and disgusting eye infections that can compromise your sight or just be uncomfortable and gross. If your friend wants colored contacts, refer her to your eye doctor, but never share your own.

5 Anyone Who Wears Contacts Can Choose Colored Ones

If you have basically normal eyes and already wear contacts, you can likely wear colored contacts with no problem. However, if you have any sort of issue, such as astigmatism or dry eye, it's a good idea to discuss wearing colored contacts with your eye doctor before giving them a try.

6 They Could Be Less Comfortable

When you wear contact lenses, the idea is that they can improve your vision without having to feel them when they're in your eye. Experts say that colored contacts can be less comfortable than clear ones. That's because the colored version is often thicker than traditional contact lenses. It may take some getting used to, but once you've worn the colored version for a few days, the discomfort should go away. As a bonus - these thicker lenses are much easier to take out and put in.

7 There Are Many Brands to Choose from

Many contact lens manufacturers make colored lenses, so you have tons of options to choose from. The brand you choose is something you can work out with your eye doctor, but will be based on your needs and vision. Most of the time your eye doctor will give you a trial pair that you can test out for a few days before making a purchase.

Have you ever worn colored contact lenses? What other advice can you share?

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