5 Classic Makeup Mistakes Women Need to Stop Making ...


5 Classic Makeup Mistakes Women Need to Stop Making ...
5 Classic Makeup Mistakes Women Need to Stop Making ...

We are all guilty of making some of these makeup mistakes at some point in our lives, but the sooner we learn our beauty lessons - the better!

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That Foundation is Not Your Shade

Matching foundation shades is definitely on the list of annoying things to do, but ladies it is extremely important, if you are struggling to match your foundation or concealers, ask for help! If your foundation doesn’t match you, your skin can look extremely ashy which is not pleasing to look at, at all. Not having the right undertones can cost you dearly.


Blend Your Eye Shadow

Blend, blend, blend and blend some more. Blending your eye shadow is critical to having a nice and clean makeup look! Invest in some blending brushes and watch those YouTube videos girls! Also, when it comes to buying eye shadow don’t be cheap, buy good quality eye shadows that will look good and blend.


That Lipstick Shade Was Not Meant for You

A lot of women will look at a lipstick shade and think “this is pretty” but it is a shade that does not go with your skin tones at all. Ladies, the color may be beautiful but it isn’t meant for you. Let it go and find something that will work for you.


Over Lining or over Drawing Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are all of the rage but ladies; stop over lining your eyebrows, you look crazy. Stick to lining and filling in your shape, when you over draw to get that bold brow look it does not look good. Stick to your natural shape and if anything focus on growing out your eyebrows to get a more full shape.


Not Knowing How to Contour Your Face Shape

All humans were born differently, that even includes face shapes. A lot of women make the mistake of thinking that there is only one kind of way that they can contour their faces. Figure out what your face shape in and research which method of contouring is best for you.

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You can find beauty in anything worth wearing. Confidence rocks!

Everyone can wear whatever lipstick shade they want 😊the best tip for finding the perfect foundation is to match it to the center of your chest or right underneath your neck above your cleavage! This helps you save time

Thanks for the tips

And money from not having to blend the foundation all the way down your neck 😊💕

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