7 Makeup Mistakes You Should Start Making ...


7 Makeup Mistakes You Should Start Making ...
7 Makeup Mistakes You Should Start Making ...

We get tons of advice on makeup mistakes to avoid but how about we switch things up a bit and encourage some makeup mistakes? That’s right, take any of these 7 beauty mistakes to make and feel free to incorporate them into your daily beauty routine and free yourself from rules! Sometimes we hear one piece of bad advice and then that rule gets placed on our beauty blacklist. Take control of your beauty routine and start making these makeup mistakes!

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Wearing Whatever Colors You like

Beauty magazines and experts will often preach that we should choose our cosmetics colors based on our skin tones or we’re in for a disastrous makeup mistake but that’s not always the case! Some skin tones whether they are warm or cool can look absolutely gorgeous wearing a color that’s not deemed appropriate for their skin tone. Don’t restrict yourself when it comes to makeup, experiment and have fun!


Letting Your Face Shine

The next beauty mistake to make says to give the blotting papers and pressed powder a break and let your skin glow! We’re not talking full, all-over shine but a little shine looks healthy and pretty. I have a really oily T-zone and most times I strive to have the most matte skin possible. But if you get tired of constantly touching up and want to add some variety to your look, try rocking your natural glow now and then and flaunt your natural shine!


Applying Concealer after Foundation

Does this beauty mistake to make literally make you cringe? I can’t remember when or why we were conditioned to only apply concealer before our foundation but we’ve been following this order in our makeup application for so many years and why?! Depending on your needs, you might find that applying concealer before, after foundation or both works best for you so don’t feel obligated to apply makeup in any specific order!


Fair-haired Ladies Should Wear Black Mascara

If you have light-colored hair, one of the makeup mistakes that have been floating around for awhile is that you should avoid wearing black mascara because it’s too dark compared to your hair or skin color but it’s so far from the truth! Many light-haired ladies have naturally dark lashes or look fabulous with dark lashes so break black mascara looks totally natural! As long as you aren’t piling on mascara, any shade applied properly will emphasize your peepers and make them stand out!


Using Colored Eye Liners

Some people think of colored eyeliners as makeup mistakes because they tend to think of the gaudy colored eyeliner of yesteryear but used with complementary colors it looks chic and fresh! Girls with dark and light-colored eyes both look great with colored eyeliners so your options are limitless! Make the mistake of wearing some bright and rich colored eyeliners instead of plain old black or brown and really make your eyes pop!


Wearing “Seasonal” Colors All Year

This makeup mistake is similar to wearing whatever colors you like but this beauty mistake to make applies to your eye makeup, hair color and lip shades. Some pros will say it’s a mistake to wear bright makeup colors in the colder seasons and vice versa, others say ditch highlights and dye your hair darker. It can be confusing to hear all these different rules and regulations when it comes to what’s appropriate for each season but it’s really all up to you! Some women wear “summer” colors all year whereas others prefer “winter” colors, either way, wear what makes you feel good!


Wearing False Lashes during the Day

Wearing false lashes during the day was deemed as a makeup mistake as many times falsies can look really dramatic and too made-up for the office or school. We often associate false lashes with showgirls or something to wear when you go clubbing but there’s nothing wrong with rocking falsies during the day! As long as your day falsies are shorter with well-spaced lashes, be open to making this beauty mistake and add a little drama to your daytime look!

Have you made any of these makeup mistakes? I know that beauty experts are trying to be helpful with these so-called beauty truths but in reality, we shouldn’t let these rules stop us from wearing what we like! Don’t limit yourself when it comes to fashion or beauty because it’s all about expressing yourself and showing off your unique features so if being an individual means making makeup mistakes then by all means, start making mistakes!

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Lisa, I think you should reread your number 2 tip because I find it difficult to understand why you want to strive to have the most matte skin possible when you have a really oily T-zone. I think it should have been opposite to be right. Anyway, your are the author so you know what is the best.

as a blonde I've always worn black mascara . A subdued purple eye liner can really make green eyes pop ...

I apply my concealer before my foundation, then my foundation, and then a little more concealer as i have quite prominent dark circles under my eyes and the concealer seems to sit better when i do it this way

I wear falsies everyday and i love them. I wear the tapered ones that are longer on the ends and they blend with my own lashes. So much easier to apply after practice and without all the goopey mascara

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