12 Fabulous Astrology Beauty Tips ...


12 Fabulous Astrology Beauty Tips ...
12 Fabulous Astrology Beauty Tips ...

If you’ve ever thought about the connection between your astrological sign and your appearance, have I got some astrology beauty tips for you! Whether you devotedly read your horoscope or just like to read now and then for fun, there are some pretty interesting beauty tips for signs. I think you’ll find these astrology beauty tips fun and maybe even beneficial to your beauty routine! Keep reading for beauty tips specific to your sign!

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This astrology beauty tip for ladies born under the Aquarius sign like to keep their beauty routines all natural. Aquarius gals like no fuss when it comes to beauty, but they’re also known for being experimental with their appearance. So don’t be afraid to add a little more girly and colorful touches to your already beautiful face!



The beauty horoscope for free-spirited Pisces ladies recommends that you flaunt your creative side by incorporating a lot of vibrant colors in your makeup and adding complementary colors to your hair! There also appears to be a strong connection between Pisces and their feet so pedicures are no longer a luxury, they’re a must!



Aries ladies have naturally beautiful faces so your beauty tip by your horoscope asks that you find a great hair cut and style and keep makeup simple to accentuate your natural born beauty. Since you were born under the fire sign, astrologists say you look really hot in clothing and makeup in reds and oranges! Rawr!



This next astrology beauty tip suggests that Taurus ladies look best in neutral colors. Think copper and tan colors for eyes and peaches for blush. This sign is ruled by Venus which is the planet of beauty so you’re blessed with great skin that you should be careful to protect and preserve!



Geminis really love a good fragrance so your beauty horoscope says to indulge in perfumes, oils and scented lotions. The Gemini sign is known as the double-sided personality so mix up your makeup with light and dark colors. Geminis are also known for having great arms and shoulders so feel free to show off!



The astrology beauty tip for Cancers is to accentuate their womanly side with shimmery moisturizers. Cancers are famed for having hot bodies regardless of their body type so wearing a sexy dress with lotion that gives off a subtle glow will really turns heads!



The Leo symbol of beauty is their hair so this beauty tip by your horoscope advises that you pay special attention to your mane and treat it with care. Don’t be afraid to toil over your tresses and give it lots of love. Have you noticed that many celebrity Leos like Jennifer Lopez, Iman and Hayden Panettiere all have gorgeous hair?



Virgos are known to be the more innocent sign of the bunch so your beauty horoscope urges you to let your natural beauty show. Avoid going overboard with concealers and foundation and rock a sheerer look for every day. Although some Virgos are known to be virginal, don’t be afraid to break out your inner Sasha Fierce like fellow Virgo Beyonce sometimes and show off your bold side too!



The astrology beauty tip for Libras is to accentuate their lovely eyes with complementary colors and high quality eye makeup. Many Libras look younger than their age so keep people guessing about your age and take good care of your skin!



Scorpios are innately seductive and mysterious so your beauty tip by your horoscope is to sport alluring looks like a sexy cat eye or smoky eye. Scorpios are also known to have fabulous figures so keep up your womanly shape with regular exercise and leave the boys drooling!



Ladies born under the Sagittarius sign can pull off just about any look so astrology beauty tips for them would be to take risks with their appearance. Include bright, dazzling colors in your clothing and makeup to emphasize your carefree attitude and never settle for neutrals!



Capricorns are no-nonsense beauties and their beauty horoscope recommends to allow yourself to stray from you strict beauty and workout regimen and experiment! Add some fun colors to your makeup and try out some different techniques. Capricorns are also notorious shoe lovers so feel free to try out new styles and colors in shoes too!

Did you find these astrology beauty tips applicable to you? Although most astrological signs share similar qualities, many people feel that they were born under the wrong sign! Do you follow beauty and lifestyle tips according to your sign?

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So glad that I'm a cancer !!!! 😄😄😄

Omg Im Aquarius And Its Soo True... I Keep It Natural Daily But When In Parties I Add A Little Color!

LOL fun post. I'm a scorpio and I do have a tendency to try and make my makeup more "alluring" even if I'm trying to go for a minimalist/natural look...My mom is a cancer and I bet she would laugh so hard if for her next gift I got her some shimmer lotion with a note about this...even if only because I take my astrology wayyy too seriously ;)

Virgo, Please

getting addicted and obessed with this page...


I'm cancer

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