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7 Celebrity Beauty Secrets You Need to Know ...

By Diana

With their luscious locks and perfect pouts, every celebrity has her beauty secrets. And while I can’t drop cash on professional makeup artists, the beauty buff in me is rejoicing over these fab tips. From Sarah Jessica Parker’s fragrance application secrets to Emma Watson’s wise makeup removal advice, I’ve rounded up 7 of the best beauty tips out there! Are you ready for your close up?

1 For Perfect Perfume

It’s no secret that everyone from gossip rag editors to "Sex and the City" fans are obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker’s chic style and gorgeous features. I still don’t know how she manages to strut around in Manolos all day, but she did dish on how to properly apply your new fragrance. She told, "I've learned a thing or two about [perfume] application. We apply a fragrance, and then we rip it apart by rubbing our wrists together. The key is to apply it and just let it sit for awhile. No rubbing."

2 For Luscious Legs

As "Mad Men’s" sassy Joan Holloway, I knew that Christina Hendricks would have a few celebrity beauty secrets up her ‘60s-style sleeve. She told, “If my legs are showing, the makeup artist adds a tiny amount of foundation to body lotion and rubs it in. Now if I have an event to go to, I'll buy CoverGirl foundation and mix it in with my lotion.” Who else is planning a trip to the drugstore? I know my legs could use a touch of color, especially during the cold weather months!

3 For Lovely Lashes

The wide-eyed Carrie Underwood makes her peepers stand out with a little help from her mascaras –all five of them! She explained to, "At any given moment I will have four or five different formulas on my lashes. I don't think there is one that does all I need it to do, so I'll grab a volumizing one to make them fat, then a lengthening one to make them longer, and so on."

4 For Lengthy Locks

One celebrity beauty secret I can’t wait to try comes from actress Julianne Hough. She might have a petite stature, but she regularly rocks long, shiny tresses. She dished to, "My hair isn't naturally very long. In fact, it only comes to my collarbone. That's why I always wear 6-inch clip-in extensions. I cannot go anywhere without them!”

5 For Raised Ringlets

Have you ever created a mane of curls only to realize that the top of your head looked a bit flat? Keep your tresses lively at the crown with this quick tip from Zooey Deschanel. She explained to, "I like creating a lot of volume in my hair at the crown and spraying it [with hairspray] – subtly. It gives your hair a lot of lift and body and flatters most faces."

6 For a Flawless Face

If your face looks like the “Before” photo in a Proactiv commercial, help is here, courtesy of Fergie. The singing sensation told, “When I break out, I use toothpaste. I just dot it on the spots, and they dry up!” Are you ready to zap to it?

7 For Pure Pores

Before you drift off to sleep, Emma Watson has a wise celebrity secret you need to know. She told, "I religiously take off my makeup, especially before bed. It’s one of the best pieces of beauty advice I’ve ever received," Hermione would be proud!

These are 7 of the top celebrity beauty secrets. Which one was your favorite? Do you have any of your own to add?

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