7 Facts about Beauty That Will Make You Feel Prettier ...

We all get down about our looks, but there are facts about beauty that can cheer you up. It may seem like good looks are everything, but who determines what’s hot and what’s not? Attractiveness is such a fragile, fickle thing. If you don’t believe me, here are some fascinating facts about beauty:

1. Changes with Time

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Beauty is a social construct, which means that it’s subject to change. In the past, being skinny and tan wasn’t as adored as it is today. People who were pale and had more meat on them were considered wealthier, and were more sought after. Even though the media currently glorifies stick thin models, that doesn’t mean that it’ll stay that way forever. One of the most important facts about beauty to keep in mind is that society’s idea of what’s acceptable is always changing.

2. Photoshop Fakeries

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You all know that models are photoshopped, so that they appear to have no imperfections. However, even a beautiful woman like Scarlett Johansson has recently been photoshopped for the new Captain America movie. She’s amazing the way she is, and yet she was still photoshopped to look 'prettier' than she already is.

3. Poor Perspective

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What one person sees as ugly, you may see as gorgeous. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to beauty. No two opinions are going to be the same, so don’t fret if you don’t think you look attractive. There are plenty of people that will think otherwise.

4. Frightened of Photography

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If you hate what you look like in photographs, you’re not alone. You’re used to seeing yourself in a mirror, but you’re not used to seeing yourself from the different angles that photos can capture. Plus, in a mirror, you see a reversed image of yourself, which you’ve become used to. By looking at a photograph of yourself, you’re seeing yourself in a new light.

5. Frozen Photos

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Another reason why you can’t trust photos to capture your true look is because it freezes you in between expressions. You may have made a certain face for two seconds, but the photo captured it forever. No one in real life noticed what you looked like in that moment, because it passed so quickly. So don’t rely on photographs to show you the real you.

6. Mixed Mindset

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Have you ever looked at a photo and thought that someone looked gorgeous, but the next time you looked at it, you weren’t as impressed? Your mind controls your opinions, so your sense of beauty is within your brain. Your thoughts are constantly changing, and so is your interpretation of beauty. Remember that everyone is in the same boat, so what one person thinks one day, they won’t necessarily think the next day.

7. Lousy Lighting

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You can’t control every aspect of your appearance. You can apply make-up and wear nice clothing, but you can’t control the lighting in your atmosphere. You may look amazing in one area of a restaurant, and then look less than appealing in another spot. It has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with the lighting and shadows.

Don’t be ashamed of your obsession with looking good, because beauty is something we all desire. Do you consider yourself pretty? Don’t be afraid to say, ‘yes!’

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