7 Great Tips on How to Look Good in Pictures ...


7 Great Tips on How to Look Good in Pictures ...
7 Great Tips on How to Look Good in Pictures ...

How to Look Good in Pictures is a question that has plagued many men and women for years -- probably since the first woodcuts and tintypes. Have you ever wondered how to look good in pictures yourself? Everyone has friends that seem to know the secrets of how to look good in pictures, but no one wants to share those secrets. Our friends are looking super fabulous in all the group photos, while you and I look pitiful. Cheer up, girlfriend, because I have finally figured out the secrets. Unlike our friends, I am going share my 7 great tips on how to look good in pictures.

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Avoid the Double Chin

No one is going to look great in a picture with a double chin. You can save yourself from the dreaded double chin by pointing your chin down and keeping the camera at or above your eye level. It’s important not to let people shorter than you take your picture unless they are standing on a chair.


Take off the Pounds

I’m sure you have heard that the camera adds 5 pounds. This may be true, but with the right stance you can actually look thinner in your pictures. This tip on how to look good in pictures had been shared by the stars on the red carpet for years. When standing, turn your body at a 45 degree angle away from the camera, and then turn from the waist to face the camera. Think of the classic Paris Hilton pose when trying to position yourself for you next photo shoot.


No Shiny Face

You don’t want to be the girl that reflects the camera flash. It’s not flattering to have a shiny forehead in the picture. If it’s a hot day and you’ve been sweating, pat off your face and neck. If your skin is just naturally oily, try using a matte finished foundation and powder.


Stay out of the Shadows

People that know how to look good in pictures know to stand in front of the sun. Light can create unattractive shadows on the face. It can give you dark shadows under the eyes, on the side of your nose or under the chin. If you stand in front of the sun outdoors or stay clear of any overhead lighting indoors you will avoid unwanted shadows in your pictures.


Practice Practice Practice

It might sound silly but people that know how to look good in pictures practice smiling in the mirror. You want your smile to look natural, not cheesy and plastered on your face. Standing in front of the mirror and practicing your smile will help you know how a natural smile feels. Then you can achieve the same look when having your picture taken.


Choose Flattering Clothes

If your outfit makes you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable is it going to show in your pictures. Don’t wear something that you don’t feel 100% beautiful in when you leave the house. You don’t want to be caught on camera fidgeting with your clothes or trying too hard to suck in your stomach.



Make-up is very important when you want to know how to look good in pictures. First you don’t want your make-up to be too heavy. Heavy make-up will look even heavier in pictures. You also don’t want to look washed out by not having on any make-up. For best results keep your make-up natural and highlight your best features.

You see, knowing how to look good in pictures can be easy. It’s just a matter of knowing a few important tips and using them to your advantage. Do you have any other tips on how to look good in pictures that you want to add? Please let me know, because remember, our photogenic friends shouldn't be the only ones who know how to look good in pictures!

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There are soooo many makeup tricks to looking better in pictures (contouring, highlighting ect) That'd be a good idea for another article :p -Elyse

Always squint your eyes a little bit, always works :).

Awesome, is there any other ways people do things...like with they're facial expressions?

If you want to make your breast look larger... dont be afraid to pop them out a bit to add a little more curve

bring your foundation down to your neck. some foundations these days have light reflecting particles so in pictures you're skin will come out looking paler. If you didnt pull down the foundation onto your jawline and neck, then you'll risk the white face clown look and your neck will be more tan looking.

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