Let's Be Honest 7 Times when Your Looks Actually do Matter ...

By Holly

Let's Be Honest 7 Times when Your Looks Actually do Matter ...

It doesn't matter if you're a fashionista or only leave the house in your Victoria Secret sweatpants. Either way, you should understand that looks actually do matter when it comes to certain things. No, that doesn't mean you always need to don a dress and cover your face with makeup, it just means that you need to keep your hair washed, fingernails clean, and outfits fitted. Here are a few occasions when your looks actually do matter:

1 An Interview You Want to Ace

You can't go to an interview in a sweatshirt and expect to get the job. If you want to become a waitress, you need to look the part of a friendly server. If you want to become a computer designer, you need to dress the part of a respectable businesswoman. Even if you couldn't care less about fashion, you need to make sure you wear a respectable outfit when you get interviewed. Otherwise, you won't be taken seriously, and you certainly won't be awarded the job.

2 First Date with Your Dream Dude

No matter how sweet you are, no man is going to ask for a second date if you have body odor and uncombed hair. Like it or not, your appearance is the first thing your date will see and judge you on. That means you should wear something flattering. If you don't, then he'll never be able to like you for your personality, because he'll stand you up and never get to know your personality.

3 While Working at a Job You Want to Keep

You can't show up at work without wearing a proper outfit. It's not just about looking pretty, it's about keeping your job. If you don't look respectable, then you could end up getting fired as soon as you walk through the door. When it comes to businesses, appearances matter, which means the way an employee looks also matters.

4 Meeting His Conservative Parents

You don't have to dress like someone you're not when you meet your man's parents. However, you should try to cover up more of your body than you usually do. His mother won't appreciate seeing your cleavage or crotch. Be careful with what you wear, unless you don't mind his mother lecturing him about leaving you to find a good girl.

5 Getting Your Yearly Checkup

Unlike the other scenarios, this one involves dressing down, instead of up. Everyone at the doctor's office is miserable enough already. You don't want to make their day worse by looking so fabulous that they feel insecure about yourself. Plus, you don't want to ruin your favorite pair of jeans when you accidentally sit on someone's vomit, do you?

6 Glute Training at the Gym

You don't want to be uncomfortable at the gym, which is why you can't show up in heels and designer clothes. Why would you want to ruin your amazing outfit with sweat, anyway? Unless you want to have all eyes on you while you're panting on the treadmill, you should dress casually.

7 Out to Eat at a 5 Star RESTAURANT

You need to know what type of establishment you're entering. If you're going to a five-star restaurant, you don't want to wear flip-flops and a see through shirt, or you'll feel out of place. It's the same reason you shouldn't wear a ball gown at Arbys.

Despite how pretty you are, the way you dress and clean yourself is important when it comes to holding down a good job and entering a relationship. Do you always make sure you're looking your best, or can you step out of the house without worrying what others think?

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I 100% agree with this article


Well,ever since a couple of years ago I fell at home and broke my hip and was taken to hospital,I definitely make sure I look OK albeit maybe not dressed to the nines but hair, nails done and decent clothes on


The model in the article kinda looka like marylin minrow


Very valid points. As far as #7, another reason for dressing nice is because some restaurants may even turn down customers who are not dressed appropriately. Same with some nightclubs. And as far as #1 I recently saw someone at my job who appeared to be waiting for an interview and was dressed in leggings or tight pants and sandals with fringe...yes the job is in retail, not exactly glamorous, but that still seemed a bit underdressed.


Never sat in vomit either. And why is a doctor office portrayed as a place where people aren't happy? LOL


In a perfect world, looks would not matter. However, we do not live in a perfect world


I've never accidentally sat in vomit, just saying


Girlfriend, if you have any doubt whatsoever that "looks matter" you have not been paying attention...ask Lena Dunham❤️


Looks don't matter is kind of a consolation line to me because it doesn't matter how you have such a nice personality as most people will judge you based on your looks. It's just life.


looks always matter!


In my experience it really matters what you wear when you're clothes shopping. If you don't dress nicely you don't get any help from sales staff. If, on the other hand, you dress up a bit people will bend over backwards to help you.


Everyone says looks don't matter but people always take the time to correct themselves or to fix their hair, because obviously, "looks don't matter". Haha


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