Beauty 101 πŸ“—: How Long ⏳ Will Your Products πŸ› Actually Last?

Can’t remember when you last stocked up on makeup, hair products and skincare items? It might be time to clean things out and start from scratch. Like food, beauty products also have an expiration date and using items beyond it can lead to skin or health issues and expired products are often not as effective as fresher ones. Not sure when it’s time to toss something? Refer to this handy list and you’ll be good to go.

1. Your Body Lotion Can Last for a Couple of Years

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Chances are you’ll use your body lotion way before it has a chance to expire. But if you have a lot of it on hand and won’t use it all up within two or three years, you may have some in your medicine chest that is no good anymore. In general, lotions and potions that come in jars will last about two years. Your lotion that comes in a pump container will be good for up to three years.

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