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The bold brows trend is the look du jour right now. If you’ve flicked through a magazine or looked at a style website lately, you’ll notice that there is a big trend for bold brows. Gone are the days of pencil thing eyebrows – now it’s all about the bigger the better. However, it doesn’t mean that you can let your brows grow unruly. The key to making this trend work is through good grooming and shaping. Take a look at a few tips for working the bold brow trend below.

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Let Them Grow

The first step to pulling off the bold brows trend is to let your brows grow out. Put down the tweezers and avoid any over zealous plucking. If you must, just remove the odd stray here and there and avoid plucking from the top of your brow.


Keep a Natural Shape

A naturally shaped brow is the best way to complement your facial features. You want a natural, curved shape with a slight arch. If you’re not sure what shape suits your face best, you can always ask for professional advice either from a beauty salon or dedicated brow bar.


Groom Them

Good grooming is key to working the bold brows trend. Growing out your brows is not without its own problems, and they may become a bit unruly in the process. Tame them with the use of a brow brush and set them with brow gel. For a more DIY approach, use an old (clean) mascara brush instead.


Fill Them

Use a brow pencil or shadow to give your brows some definition. This will help define and shape your brows. Since you’re after a natural effect, apply the shadow in light feathery strokes and avoid being too heavy handed.


Shade Darker

For more of a statement brow, fill them in with a shade darker than your natural colour. This will definitely put the ‘bold’ in the bold brows trend. Try using a matte eyeshadow rather than a brow pencil to create a more blended look.


Go Au Naturel

The emphasis on bold brows is all about natural grooming. This should be reflected in the makeup you wear. Go for a ‘makeup free’ look with a fresh base, naturally flushed cheeks, curled lashes, and a glossy lip.


Ask for Professional Advice

If you’re going from pencil thin brows to bold and bushy, it can be a very drastic change. If you’re unsure of the best ways to work the bold brows trend, don’t hesitate in asking for advice. Once your brows have been grown, shaped, and groomed to perfection they’ll be much easier to maintain.

Expertly shaped brows can make all the difference to your appearance. This season it’s all about big, bold brows. Why not make the bold brows trend work for you? Do you have any tips for pulling off the bold brow trend?

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