Beauty Tips to Steal from Scarlett Johansson ...

By Holly

Beauty Tips to Steal from Scarlett Johansson ...

Whether you're a superfan of The Avengers, or just admire Scarlett's fashion on the red carpet, you should steal some beauty tips from her. There's no one who can rock as many different styles as she can and still come out looking fabulous. If you're looking for a modern fashion icon, then she's your girl. If you want to be just like her, here are a few beauty tips to steal from the lovable Scarlett Johansson:

1 Blast from the past

When you imagine Scarlett, you probably picture her in red lipstick, looking like a pin up girl, because she sure knows how to rock that look. In interviews, she has said that she is inspired by the styles from the 1930s and tries to make them current. So if any styles from the past speak to you, try to recreate them. You don't have to stick to following current fashion trends. Set your own.

2 Beware How You Style Your Hair

Scarlett's hair color is always changing. Although she's a blonde the majority of the time, she's also dyed her hair red and brown. Whenever she tries out a new color, she makes sure to update her wardrobe to fit it. She knows that a woman must match her outfit colors to what goes well with her current hair color.

3 A Rant on Sweatpants

It's rare to see photos of Scarlett in sweatpants. She knows that she should dress her best whenever she steps out of the house, whether she's headed to the red carpet or to pick up groceries. You don't have to put on a dress whenever you step out of the house, but always try to look presentable. You never know who you're going to run into.

4 Advice That Applies to Your Eyes

Scarlett has a makeup artist, but she knows how to do her own cat eyes. Her advice? Start by applying your eye liner, shadow, and mascara to one eye and finish it completely before you start the other eye. That way, you can make sure to match them exactly.

5 It's All about Working out

You don't get a body like Scarlett's without doing a little work. She likes to shake things up by trying all different types of exercises. She has tried full body workouts, yoga, and even martial arts. She also enjoys hiking, so you might want to copy her idea and enjoy nature while you sweat. You could even drag your boyfriend along with you and make a date out of it.

6 Smooth Skin is a Win

It's important to keep your skin looking smooth. That means you shouldn't wear makeup while you sleep or keep it on for any longer than you have to. Always take off your foundation and lipstick before bed and use face wipes to get yourself cleaned up. Scarlett also suggests using a hydrating face mask once a week.

7 Always Room for Perfume

Even if you look like a model, no one will want to go near you if your smell is off-putting. That's why Scarlett never goes a day without wearing perfume. If you hate wearing it, then you just haven't found the right scent yet. Keep looking until you find it!

If you're going to take advice from a celebrity, you might as well listen to one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. What's your favorite role that Scarlett Johansson has ever played?

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Defiantly the Black Widow from Avengers. She is so awesome!!!!


Why did you change the title?

I love scar no

I'd disagree about the wipes, they tend not to remove your makeup fully and can irritate the skin. Save them for emergencies!

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