Life-changing Beauty Hacks You Never Knew You Needed ...

By Eliza

Life-changing  Beauty Hacks  You Never Knew You Needed  ...

I want to look as good as the next girl, but I certainly don’t want to spend too much time getting there. Before I had kids and a busy schedule, I wasn’t opposed to spending hours on looking fabulous, but now practicality takes center stage. If you’re in the same boat, you need hacks to help you look as gorgeous as possible without having to spend a ton of time on getting the job done. These hacks are just what you’ve been looking for and I think you’ll love them just as much as I do.

1 Put Your Liner on Your Eyelash Curler

Experts say that if you draw your liner right onto your eyelash curler, you can apply it in a perfect line while you also curl your lashes. If you’re someone like me who has a hard time getting eyeliner even and straight, you might love what this hack can do for you. Give this a try and don’t forget to let me know how it works out for you.

2 Smash a Dryer Sheet on Your Brush Bristles

If your hair tends to fly all over the place and get all staticky when you brush, this is the trick for you. Take a dryer sheet and press it down on your brush bristles until they break through and stick out. Then simply brush as usual and the dryer sheet will work to eliminate static and keep your strands where they belong. Cool, right?

3 Use Foundation to Prime Your Lips

Makeup experts say that foundation is the perfect primer for keeping your lip color in place all day long. Using the foundation you buy anyway saves some money and eliminates a step in your makeup routine. Smile so that you get the foundation in all the cracks and simply swipe it over your kisser when you put it on the rest of your face. Then layer on your lip color and you’re good to go.

4 Save Time Shaving by Exfoliating First

Next time you plan to shave your legs, exfoliate them first. This helps each hair stand out as far as it can so you can remove it farther down the shaft. This allows you to space your shaving days out more, saving you time and keeping you from running out of shaving cream as quickly. Less shaving is a girl’s dream so make it come true with this hack.

5 Save a Used Nail Polish Brush when the Color is Gone

Next time you run out of a polish color, keep the brush and clean all the leftover color from it. Keep it in your manicure kit and you have a fast and easy way to remove excess polish next time you paint your nails. Simply dip the brush in nail polish remover and gently brush it over the color around your nails to create a flawless manicure that will make everyone jealous.

6 Plump Your Lips Instantly with Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil will give you an instant plump to your lips, making them look fuller, younger and more beautiful without stepping foot in the derm’s office for a filler treatment. Simply apply a drop to your pout and you’ll see just what I mean. You can also blend a drop of peppermint oil into your lip gloss to eliminate a step, but still benefit. Easy, right?

7 Warm Your Mascara so It Goes on Easier and Thicker

Warming up your mascara makes it tad more liquid, which helps it spread better, doing a more efficient job of coating your lashes and making them look as beautiful as possible. Stick your mascara in your pocket or between your breasts for a couple of minutes before applying it. You’ll love the difference you’ll see!

Are you excited to try any of these beauty hacks? Which one? Do you have others to add to the list?

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