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Beauty Mistakes You've Been Making and How to Stop ...

By Eliza

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes you might not realize you’re making them. When it comes to beauty, you don’t want to be screwing things up because you want to look the best you can all the time, right? I know I’m not alone when it comes to beauty mistakes, but I’ll take one for the team and admit to them right now. Here are some of the most common beauty mistakes I could find. Once you admit to making them, it’s much easier to make changes to remedy the situation. Good luck!

1 Sleeping in Your Makeup

cartoon, mouth, anime, organ, screenshot, It’s been said, but it bears saying again. Sleeping with your makeup on is one of the biggest mistakes you can make because it really screws with your skin. The products prevent your skin from breathing and can lead to breakouts and blemishes. You’ve got to wash up before hitting the sack every single day, no matter how busy or tired you might be.

2 Going to Bed with Wet Nail Polish

person, red, photo shoot, If you’ve ever painted your nails then planned to sleep with your hands on your pillow to let it dry, you might as well skip the manicure altogether. Chances are you’re going to wake up with smudged polish or those dreaded bed prints pressed into them. Not to mention the chances of getting polish in your hair or on your bedding. If you don’t want to stay up late, save the manicure for tomorrow.

3 Too Much Concealer in One Spot

hair, face, nose, hairstyle, mouth, When you have a pimple, it’s natural to want to cover that thing up so no one can see it. The problem is that putting too much concealer on can bring as much as attention to the spot as you get just leaving it. Experts say to start with a thin layer and then add another one as you go until the spot is covered, but isn’t all cakey and gross. You also want a concealer that matches your skin tone.

4 Using Black Liner when You Should Use Brown

facial expression, face, black, black and white, person, There’s a time and a place for black liner, but for some girls, it can be too harsh and stand out just a bit too much. By swapping your black for brown, you might notice that you get a softer and more natural look that makes your eyes look bigger and more wide awake. Since eyeliner is so affordable, it doesn’t hurt to give brown a try. Let me know how it goes!

5 Sleeping on Your Side

hair, fur, hairstyle, fur clothing, interaction, There are so many ways you can go wrong while you sleep. Experts say that side sleepers have more wrinkles and fine lines on their face and chest area. At the same time, you prevent your skin from breathing properly, which can lead to breakouts. Try to sleep on your back as much as possible to counteract this issue.

6 The Wrong Color of Lipstick is Unnatural and Unattractive

, The right lipstick can do wonders for your look, but the wrong one can look bad. Work with a makeup expert to find the right shade for your skin tone. At the same time, if you wear a bold, bright color, tone down the rest of your makeup, especially during the day, or you’ll look way overdone.

7 Wearing Face Powder is Generally a No-No

human action, person, singing, musician, singer, I used to wear pressed powder like the best of them. But as you get older, the powder simply migrates to all of your fine lines and wrinkles, making you look older than you are. If you aren’t in high school, it’s probably best to skip the powder.

8 Keeping Your Eyebrows Too Thin

face, beauty, brown hair, screenshot, model, Full, shapely, natural brows are in. Just look at Cara Delevingne, who is the eyebrow queen. We've all over-plucked or waxed our eyebrows too too thin. It can be difficult, but allowing them to grow in and using an eyebrow pencil to fill in the bare spots will turn your thin brows into beautiful brows.

9 Not Using Primer

hair, face, hairstyle, beauty, black hair, Get rid of fine lines with using a primer before applying makeup. Most forget this crucial step. Primers are made with plumping ingredients and give a smooth, airbrushed canvas to seamlessly apply your foundation.

10 You're Not Applying Blush

color, stage, disco, Blush gives a natural, youthful flush. Choosing one right for your skin tone is the easiest way to add a touch of color and dewiness to your cheeks. Smile and use a brush to apply in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks.

Which of these mistakes have you made?

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