Avoid These Beauty Behaviors at All Costs ...

By Alicia

Avoid These Beauty Behaviors at All Costs ...

Certain beauty behaviors are ones you want to avoid or at least take care of privately. They can be considered rude or even offensive. 😕 None of us want to offend others so it’s best to give some thought to what beauty behaviors are best to avoid. Here’re 7 of them.

Table of contents:

  1. touching up your makeup at social occasions
  2. cutting your nails in front of others
  3. putting down certain brands of makeup
  4. spritzing spray products around others
  5. giving unsolicited beauty advice
  6. using your roommate’s beauty products without asking
  7. overdoing it with perfume

1 Touching up Your Makeup at Social Occasions

Many times women do this without thinking. They just reach for their makeup bag and begin touching up their makeup in public or social situations. The correct etiquette is to excuse yourself and take care of your makeup touchups in the bathroom. Of course, if you’re just hanging with your bestie or your immediate family at home then it’s a different situation. This varies a great deal on who you’re with and where you are.

2 Cutting Your Nails in Front of Others

This one’s just gross. It doesn’t gross us out to cut our own nails but watching someone else do it can give you a rather squeamish feeling, can’t it? Take care of cutting and filing your nails when you’re alone. On this subject, painting and other manicuring efforts should also be done when you’re by yourself. Nail polish fumes can be quite strong and bother some individuals.

3 Putting down Certain Brands of Makeup

We all have our favorite brands of makeup and that’s perfectly normal. But be careful not to put down other brands when you’re discussing makeup with someone else. It can make you appear snobby or as if you’re looking down on the quality of cosmetics they wear. It’s best to just comment that a certain brand didn’t work well for you rather than to directly say you dislike it. Another option is to say thank you for any compliments you receive on your makeup and not go into a discussion.

4 Spritzing Spray Products around Others

You may love the smell of your perfume, hairspray or makeup setting spray. That doesn’t mean others will love it the same way. Be careful where you spritz spray products on. It’s best to do this when you’re in a bathroom. If you’re in a public restroom, use caution that you don’t accidentally spray someone else. We’ve all been caught in the crossfire of a spray product and no one likes it!

5 Giving Unsolicited Beauty Advice

It’s best to not give unsolicited beauty advice. This’s true even if you feel you could really help someone desperately in need of beauty advice. You could hurt their feelings or even offend them. 😦 But if you’re asked then feel free to share your expertise! The key here is to wait until the right opportunity opens up.

6 Using Your Roommate’s Beauty Products without Asking

I completely get that you’re dying to try your roommate’s new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani lipstick but don’t give in to that temptation without asking for permission! Yes, you could look fabulous that day but it could really hurt your relationship with your roommate. The same goes for your sister, mom or friends. Always ask before trying someone else’s makeup products. They’ll more than likely say yes and you’ve just complimented them by letting them know you love their makeup style.

7 Overdoing It with Perfume

When you completely love a fragrance, it can be easy to go overboard with it. But more is not always better. Perfume is something we all have our own unique taste in and everyone you meet isn’t going to love your fragrance. 2-3 spritzes will usually do. If you feel the need for a little more, consider using a body lotion in the same scent to add a softer layer of fragrance.

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