7 Make-up Trends You Can Skip if You Want to ...

There are so many make-up trends, so it’s ok to feel overwhelmed. It’s also perfectly fine to think some of them are a bit strange. There’s no reason why you have to bow to every one of them. They’ll be ousted by something new in a few months anyway. Don’t worry – you’ll still look completely fabulous if you decide to skip these make-up trends. Feel free to contradict me or add to the list. You might just change my mind.

1. Different Nails

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I know the style these days is to paint the ring finger different from the rest of the fingernails. And I think it looks completely awesome too! However, I don’t have the time or the patience to carry out such a thing. Don’t get me wrong – I still keep my nails painted a fab color most of the time, but they are all the same. Even if that makes me horribly unfashionable, I still think this is one of those make-up trends you can skip if you don’t feel the urge to waste all that time.

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