5 Must-Try Beauty Treatments to Feel Pretty Instantly ...

By Sharon

5 Must-Try Beauty Treatments to Feel Pretty Instantly ...

Massage is an art of treating the body by rubbing, kneading, and patting to stimulate circulation and relieve tension. This therapeutic manipulation by a trained practitioner can have revitalizing effects on your health and vitality. The following five must try beauty treatments include massage as one of the best for the summer!


The long, flowing strokes of Swedish massage ease aches and pains from your body. Summery aromatherapy uses a tropical blend of essential oils with exotic scents such as ylang, ylang, lemongrass, jasmine, and lime, whilst cooling beauty massages combine other scents like mint and peppermint to refresh and restore.


Putting small, cold stones all over your body is the ideal solution for swelling and soreness problems, and is a particularly soothing massage when it’s hot outside, or when you’re feeling hormonally warm! Sports injuries can also benefit as the cold constricts the blood vessels, promotes healing, and reduces pain.


Treating dry skin and restoring a natural glow is another must have beauty salon treatment. The procedure starts with a luxurious exfoliation that promotes the shedding of surface skin cells revealing softer and smoother skin. This is followed by a relaxing massage, and then a nourishing mud wrap. An alternative is a one-stop contouring heated body wrap treatment known as a shrink wrap!


Scrubbing your body to get healthier looking hair and skin involves exfoliating all over! Your scalp will benefit from a special exfoliant designed to be massaged into wet hair and rinsed off and your face can be massaged with fingertips in upwards circular motions to remove dead skin. For the best body results, scrub one or two times a week to slough off scaly skin and leave it glowing! Don’t forget to use a hydrating body moisturizer afterwards.


Pampering your feet in preparation for summer is essential to keep them looking good. Beauty salon pedicures include exfoliation, foot soaks, rough skin treatments, and massages. Treatments for your nails are also available.

Now you’ve read all about the five must try beauty treatments, all you need to do now is contact a trusted beauty salon like beautyinbloomsbury.co.uk and get an appointment! Body skin treatments pack in the benefits of skin care and massage to fully relax you, and give your skin all the care it needs to keep it looking and feeling radiant, as well as preventing the signs of early aging.

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