7 Overnight Beauty Treatments to Try Tonight ...


7 Overnight Beauty Treatments to Try Tonight ...
7 Overnight Beauty Treatments to Try Tonight ...

Overnight beauty treatments are perfect if you ask me. They work while I sleep and I wake up looking and feeling beautiful. What more could a girl ask for? If you’ve never done overnight beauty treatments, now is definitely the time to give it a try. I love things that work for me without any effort and I bet you do too. There are lots of options, but I’ve gathered together some of the easiest and the best. Give them a try and let me know how wondrous they are for you.

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Petroleum Jelly

Also known as Vaseline, petroleum jelly is a great option for many overnight beauty treatments. Slather it on your dry feet, then wear a pair of socks to bed. While you sleep, the petroleum jelly soaks in, softening your soles and heels. You can also put Vaseline on dry lips, cheeks and eyelids while you sleep. You’ll wake up softer and more hydrated, and there’s nothing better than that!


Mineral Powder

According to some beauty experts, dusting on a thin layer of mineral powder before you hit the hay is a good way to control irritation. It helps reduce inflammation and redness and can help soothe your skin. Yes, you should definitely remove your make-up before bed, but most versions of mineral powder won’t clog your pores so you’re safe if you use it to keep your skin soothed and happy.


Vitamin a Creams

Slathering on a cream with vitamin A before you go to bed does wonders for wrinkles on your face. It works for fine lines and new wrinkles and it does its magic while you slumber away. For deeper wrinkles, you might need a stronger product. Try an over the counter vitamin A cream and see what happens.


Baking Soda

That simple box of baking soda hanging out in your cabinet are perfect for whitening teeth while you sleep. Simply brush your teeth as usual, then brush again with a paste made of water and baking soda. Go to sleep and wake up to whiter teeth in just a few weeks. You want to do this treatment at night because you won’t be tempted to eat or drink until morning, which ensures that the baking soda has an optimal chance to do its job.



This beauty treatment won’t even require special products or any work at all. Simply turn a humidifier on while you snooze and it will fill the air with moisture, which fights dryness on your skin and in your hair. Hydrated skin and hair is beautiful so you definitely want to be sure you keep yours full of moisture.


Castor Oil

It only takes a couple seconds to slather some castor oil on your eyelashes. But the payoff is wonderful. That’s because castor oil can help you grow longer and fuller eyelashes. Don’t put on so much that you get it in your eyes, but enough to do the job. You should be able to feel it when you touch your eyelashes.


Hair Mask

Maybe you tend to shower in the morning. If you consider trying a night shower, you can apply a hair mask that works while you sleep. It will create fuller, shinier strands that are free of damage and dryness. You can pick one up at any drug store and it’s really easy to rub it in while you wash up for the day.

Did you find an overnight beauty treatment you’re dying to try? I hope it works out really well for you. In the meantime, sweet dreams!

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Your skin does not "breathe", but nothing you put on top of it can be a complete barrier either. Vaseline may or may not clog your pores, but it's just a skin protectant that doesn't do anything good your skin. It's not a emollient, humectant (maybe slightly), nor does it have anti-oxidant or skin-repairing properties. It is like mineral oil, but the latter for sure can clog up your pores. There are much better things on the market that are beneficial to your skin. Try a hydrating overnight mask instead. And please don't try mineral powder either - again, there are better things to put on top your skin (serums, oils) than something that's basically makeup.

Facial cream with vitamin e and a plus collagen in one application is Better.base on my own experiment...

Bi-carbonate soda.

Skin can't breathe...it doesn't have lungs. Total myth according to a leading dermatology expert I have worked with.

For dark circles under the eye, you can use lemon juice and glycerin. @Huma. Just be careful not to burn your skin with the lemon juice and don't let it get in your eyes.

What overnight beauty treatments can help you reduce under eye circles fast?

But I do agree with the humidifier and vitamin a cream part; products with retinol/tretinoin/adapalene can do wonders for wrinkles as well as breakouts at higher concentrations :)

Vaseline on your face is a bad idea! Petroleum- look it up! It may offer a temporary softer appearance but in the long run will dry your skin, block pores and create more wrinkles. Your skin cannot breathe!

The lack of attention to detail on the comments section for this post is ridiculous. She didn't write to slather Vaseline all over your face. But mainly on your feet and on three specific dry spots on the face. Key word is dry. It does help with dry lips and cheeks if other thicker creams don't work for you. Again, the idea of this article is to suggest things, it might not work for you but it's silly to tell someone else not to use something because 1. You misread the article or 2. You don't like it or it has adverse affects for you.

What does castor oil do in general ? I'm thinking of buying some

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