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There’s something really luxurious about having your makeup done by someone else, but if you’re budget is anything like mine, it just doesn’t work out very often. That’s why you need to learn to do classic beauty treatments yourself. You can get it done without having to spend all the cash. Saving money and looking fabulous? I’m on board with that. Here are some of the beauty treatments you should know how to do. Hey, maybe you can even charge your friends once you know what you’re doing.

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Trimming Your Own Bangs is Fast and Easy

The first time I decided to trim my own bangs, I was nervous, but it I didn’t need to be. Snipping your long bangs is actually really easy and think of all the time and money you can save once you get the treatment down pat. Start by pulling your bangs down and sliding your fingers down to where you want your bangs to be. Cut just a bit lower using very sharp scissors. There, you’re done!


Learn to Trim Your Own Brows – It’s Not Hard

This is something else I’ve learned to do so that I don’t have to pay someone all the time. Using a combination of tweezers and a battery operated trimmer, I can get rid of strays and long, loose brow hairs with ease. You’ll want a bright light and a close mirror, but I guarantee you can do this!


Give Yourself a Manicure and You’ll Never Need the Salon Again

Even if you prefer artificial nails, you can learn to do the technique yourself right at home. I prefer short, natural nails so I took the time to learn how to give myself a good manicure. I save a ton of cash and I can change things up whenever the mood strikes. Once you learn to do your own mani and pedi, you’ll wonder why you ever spent so much money paying someone else to do it for you.


Knowing How to do a Blowout is Awesome

I can honestly say that I’ve never paid anyone to give me a blowout. I have, however, done it myself on several occasions. I have curly hair and I usually keep it that way, but there’s no denying the greatness of a sleek, straight look. It’s actually not that hard to give yourself a blowout, which will give you some extra cash for a fab new outfit to go with it.


Your Hair Will Thank You for a Regular Hot Oil Treatment

You could have your stylist do a hot oil treatment for your hair. Or, you could do it yourself so that you can read a magazine or catch up on Netflix while you wait for it to work. You can buy great hot oil treatments at the drugstore and you simply apply them right at home. It’s so easy and you never need to pay anyone to do it for you ever again!


You’ll Love What a Home Facial Can do for You

I love going to the salon and getting a facial, but my checkbook doesn’t. That’s why learning to do it myself was something I was really excited to do. You’ll follow the same steps, including a scrub, clearing pores and moisturizing. Doing it yourself is super satisfying.


Whiten Your Own Teeth – Who Needs the Dentist?

Ok, you must still get your teeth cleaned every six months, but you don’t have to shell out for professional whitening treatments. There are so many easy and effective options that allow you to do the treatment yourself at home. It’s faster and you’ll have some money left over.

Which of these treatments can you do yourself? Will you be trying any of the others? What other treatments would you add to the list?

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@Liisa I agree!

Sulli from f(x) is on the cover lol

I trim my brows but I prefer going to the salon for the nails. Sometimes we deserve some pampering!

I don't get it. Great list, but no content? Any tips on how to actually do any of those treatments? It's nice that you know and that it helps save money, but essentially your titles provide more info than the article itself. I would add that a homemade coconut oil, sugar and lemon scrub does miracles for the skin. It exfoliates, enriches and softens the skin. Simple and natural :)

Any tips on how to do a blow out?

Coconut oil pulling helps with whitening your teeth & getting rid of that double chin! It will chizzle your jaw ✌🏼️

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