Nature Tattoos That Every Environmentalist Will Want ...


Nature Tattoos That Every Environmentalist Will Want ...
Nature Tattoos That Every Environmentalist Will Want ...

Nature tattoos are some of my favorite, the realism, the beauty, the way they seem to fit in – they are awesome! So, which nature tattoo is going to be your next? Take a look below for some inspiration.

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This Watercolor Owl

This Watercolor Owl #tattoogoals – so, so beautiful.


Bugs up Close

Bugs up Close Want something complicated yet beautiful? This.


Leaves, All the Leaves

Leaves, All the Leaves Breathtaking!


This Half Sleeve

This Half Sleeve The mountains, the trees, the beauty!


Or This Half Sleeve

Or This Half Sleeve How cool does this look?


These Beautiful Birds

These Beautiful Birds I love the way they both look!


This Tree

This Tree Want a wrist tattoo? This should be it!


This & Sign

This & Sign LOVE IT!


Bright, Watercolor Wolf

Bright, Watercolor Wolf Colorful, bright and perfect.


Mountains, All the Mountains

Mountains, All the Mountains I love the shape and the colors of this one.


Butterflies, Flowers, Bees

Butterflies, Flowers, Bees Oh the colors on this shoulder tattoo.


Leaf Outline

Leaf Outline The detail on this one is awesome, seriously.


Moth, Gems and Jewels

Moth, Gems and Jewels This is my favorite, hands down.


The Tip of the Mountain

The Tip of the Mountain The love the outline on the bottom, it really connects it.


Nature Taking over

Nature Taking over All of the beautiful flowers.


Nature at It's Finest

Nature at It's Finest The colors, the placement, the breathtaking views.


Jasmine and Bats

Jasmine and Bats I love how realistic it looks.

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@neecey beresford a simple reverse image search brought me to the artists of over 75% of these pictures. Easily found on a fb or instagram dedicated to their work. Every artist deserves credit. Even if they are selfies or "personal" photos, the person who drew the art and paid for it deserves credit. I have several tattoos and all of them were drawn by me, if someone posted a photo of mine I'd want credit for it so nobody could steal my original artwork. It's common courtesy and it's not hard at all.

Wish you'd give credit to the talented artists...

The one you put as an & sign, I'm pretty sure that's a treble clef 🎼

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